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Colorize ADE 2019 Mixed By Sound Quelle (2019)

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Canadian DJ and Colorize mainstay Dezza continues to ignite the world of Prog having had his best year yet, capturing the ears of global dance editors and collecting millions of streams worldwide. Deep House sound on Colorize with a dazzling two track. Sqaaq draws you in with its inescapably groovy feel as fleeting vocals drift in and out of focus, while Layl features intricate sound design. Verde, Boxers atmospheric prowess shines through in a deep, moody anthem filled with subtle tribal influences & drawing on dark elements to craft a truly unique, Boxer masterpiece set for the dancefloor. Mirrors sees all three acts effortlessly merge their distinctive styles in an emotional production that showcases the best of Melodic House in 2019.
Colorize ADE 2019 Mixed By Sound Quelle (2019)
Deep Progressive, Melodic, Atmospheric, House | Colorize, Enhanced Music
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 18-10-2019 | 01:40:09 | 229 Mb

01. Cabriolet Paris Ft Lake Jons - Cloudwalker (Mixed) 4:38
02. Farfetch'd - Uphere (Mixed) 4:44
03. Chris Domingo & Mariner Ft Alec Sky - Freqing Out (Mixed) 6:57
04. Andre Sobota - Current (Mixed) 5:15
05. Praana - Mojave (Boxer Remix Mixed) 4:58
06. Heard Right - Mornik (Mixed) 4:48
07. Andre Sobota - Saturate (Mixed) 5:00
08. Praana & Matt Fax & Haliene - Kaleidoscope (Sound Quelle Remix Mixed) 4:00
09. Praana - Sankalpa (Mixed) 6:10
10. Matt Fax - To The Ground (Mixed) 5:41
11. Undefined (Mt) - Sqaaq (Mixed) 5:10
12. Boxer - Verde (Mixed) 5:44
13. Rodrigo Deem - Lighthouse (Mixed) 5:47
14. Farfetch'd - Defect (Mixed) 2:55
15. Sound Quelle - Acks (Mixed) 4:37
16. Matt Fax - Abenaki (Mixed) 4:40
17. Sound Quelle - Deep Chicken (Mixed) 4:40
18. Dezza - Cosmos (Mixed) 5:28
19. Praana & Dezza & Levv - Mirrors (Mixed) 5:17
20. Dezza & Julian Gray - Cold Outside (Mixed) 3:38



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