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VA Psychedelia: Original Album Series (2014)

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FLAC (tracks+cue,log) | 2h 47 min | Genre: Psychedelic Pop/Rock | 972 MB

This bargain set brings you not only five full albums but also offers fans the chance of hearing the early musical forays of some of prog's fledgling icons. Tomorrow were one of the earliest of England's psychedelic bands, featuring future Yes man Steve Howe, Pink Fairies founder Twink and singer Keith West (of Excerpts From A Teenage Opera fame), the band's 1968 debut is included here.
July featured Tom Newman on guitar and vocals, and - as any Mike Oldfield fan will tell you - he went on to produce albums such as Tubular Bells and helped build Richard Branson's [then] Manor Studios in Oxfordshire. The Gods' 1968 debut Genesis is here too - they featured future Tull bassist John Glasscock and future Uriah Heep men Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake.
As for The Idle Race (their '68 debut, The Birthday Party, is in here), not only was the album produced by future Yes/ELP producer Eddy Offord, but the band were an early vehicle for the vision of future ELO leader Jeff Lynne.
Released a year earlier than the other four discs here, The Yardbirds' Little Games has a prog connection of its own, with singer Keith Relf later fronting an early incarnation of Renaissance.
Disc 1- Tomorrow - Tomorrow (1968) [1999 Remaster]
1. Tomorrow - My White Bicycle
2. Tomorrow - Colonel Brown
3. Tomorrow - Real Life Permanent Dream
4. Tomorrow - Shy Boy
5. Tomorrow - Revolution
6. Tomorrow - The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
7. Tomorrow - Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
8. Tomorrow - Strawberry Fields Forever
9. Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
10. Tomorrow - Now Your Time Has Come
11. Tomorrow - Hallucinations
Disc 2 - July - July (1968)
1. July - My Clown
2. July - Dandelion Seeds
3. July - Jolly Mary
4. July - Hallo To Me
5. July - You Missed It All
6. July - The Way
7. July - To Be Free
8. July - Move On Sweet Flower
9. July - Crying Is For Writers
10. July - I See
11. July - Friendly Man
12. July - A Bird Lived
Disc 3 - The Gods - Genesis (1968)
1. The Gods - Towards The Skies
2. The Gods - Candles Getting Shorter
3. The Gods - You're My Life
4. The Gods - Looking Glass
5. The Gods - Misleading Colours
6. The Gods - Radio Show
7. The Gods - Plastic Horizon
8. The Gods - Farthing Man
9. The Gods - I Never Knew
10. The Gods - Time And Eternity
Disc 4 - The Idle Race - The Birthday Party (1968)
1. The Idle Race - Skeleton And The Roundabout
2. The Idle Race - Happy Birthday
3. The Idle Race - The Birthday
4. The Idle Race - I Like My Toys
5. The Idle Race - Morning Sunshine
6. The Idle Race - Follow Me Follow
7. The Idle Race - Sitting In My Tree
8. The Idle Race - On With The Show
9. The Idle Race - Lucky Man
10. The Idle Race - (Don't Put Your Boys In The Army) Mrs. Ward
11. The Idle Race - Pie In The Sky
12. The Idle Race - The Lady Who Said She Could Fly
13. The Idle Race - End Of The Road
Disc 5 - The Yardbirds - Little Games (1967) [2002-2003 Remaster]
1. The Yardbirds - Little Games
2. The Yardbirds - Smile On Me
3. The Yardbirds - White Summer
4. The Yardbirds - Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
5. The Yardbirds - Glimpses
6. The Yardbirds - Drinking Muddy Water
7. The Yardbirds - No Excess Baggage
8. The Yardbirds - Stealing Stealing
9. The Yardbirds - Only The Black Rose
10. The Yardbirds - Little Soldier Boy



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