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Small Lvl Gold looters

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Hello 2 all
I like to play on small lvl accounts and try to win and loot more gold as i can 

What you guys think is best aspects combo on that type of playing  and also what talents are best to use on that low lvls

Should i go health aspects and get +2 or +3 batlles before my health go down Or should i get full Combo aspects and be stronger for single fight

Also talents , What do you guys think is better on low lvl for hunting gold only , + or - Basic dmg or + or - hit chance
Cheers !!

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Regarding hunting gold, there is one way that should be the best at low level is - hit chance and - dmg output on opponent. Because what matters the most is your health to chain grottos/stories.

You could also go full defense to max your health but unfortunately you will lack so much damage that you will lose fights.

Best items here are war items (health, chance, dmg, talent).

Like building around those (paying) items : Norodia (armor)

Basically it gives 6500 health at level 18, with minor upgrades like +3 supp dmg and +1 supp chance of touch.

If you have 7 items like that you may get a bit of health but certainly not enough damages.

Low level is pretty much strategy and focus, if you can afford to spend time in front of your account (like connecting every hour) then it can be easy with life. Else you will just focus on leveling to reach level 275 and get Absorption of life. Since this level you are free to go up to ~1500.


Next step is to do a bestiary. You need to know what those mobs do or do not in story. Some have great stats but literally 0 damage and some have no stat and great damage. You need to find the balance to get the least damage income from them. You don't really need to overkill them but just assure you win (like 4000 to 2500). 

At high level, you can get to fights where monsters deal 1 dmg per attack (and you have 500k health). 

I've never played low level (I skipped it by farming lvl) so I can't really help you...

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Ty Simon for large reply
you are absolutely right about stuff u put in your reply but there are some problems . 
This is my opinion  , that doesnt mean that that is correct one . 
I played a lot on low lvl accounts cause i like to robber more then chasing the booty  and this is my experience :) 

I tried - dmg and - hit chance , but somehow on low lvls if u dont raise lot your attributes u will probably lost batlles 
Lets say i have all equip on - hit chance and - ( or + dmg because there is not so much equip with that stats on low lvls ) you will probably lost from someone who have bigger attributes then you.
I dont like to build my Attributes cause then my battle value is rasing and then i am losing enemies . 
Maybe logic is that on low lvls if you cant hit in batles u will not win 
I will try somehow raise up lvls to get equip with everything on - hit chance and then maybe i will be smarter :) 

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What you can do that works everytime, is to track your opponent. Just fight them in casual equipment (let's say +dmg only). And just screen their equipments, then prepare the opposite equipment according to it. Eventually at low level you can't really counter someone... Like if I'm playing full +dmg, if you can lower my chance of touching to 25% I will certainly lose, but at level 65 you won't be able to lower under -15% I guess. So it won't really be significant!

I'm not a low level player so it is just guessing from me :)

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