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Aquaveo GMS Premium 10.4.5 (x64)

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x64 | Languages:English | File Size: 819 MB

Aquaveo GMS stands for Groundwater Modeling System software capable of modeling and simulation for groundwater Aquaveo. Ibn application modeling tools complete the modeling geometry, hydraulic engineering, planning, management and visualization of data and has and also includes a range of numerical models streams including:MODFLOW, MODFLOW-LGR, MODFLOW-USG, MODPATH, MT3DMS, RT3D, SEAWAT, & PHT3D. In addition to the online map, PEST, Parallel PEST and Nir supported.

The program for three-dimensional modeling of underground aquifers and to determine the various parameters detailed simulations on them. Groundwater Modeling System as well as the company's other products Aquaveo conceptual design and flexible approach is proposed. Data processing speed, especially in the simulation is very satisfying and you will encounter the least amount of delay.

Features and Applications Aquaveo GMS:
-The interface is simple and efficient with high functionality
-Suitable interact with three-dimensional models
-Improved OpenGL graphics processing technology
-Realistic rendering and creating photorealistic models
-Take notes anywhere on the investment project in the form of text, image, logo and ...
-Import and export in different formats such as dxf, dgn, dwg and video formats and GIS, etc.
-Subsurface water simulation tools with advanced statistical analysis
-Step by Step Guide to Understanding the different parts of the program
-And an active online user community to respond to questions

New Changes on 14.0 Version:
-MODFLOW-USG Transport
-MODFLOW 6 export
-mod-PATH3DU version 2.0
-CLN Observation Wells
-Lidar data tools
-New Projection dialog
-More responsive background image display
-Contour labels on UGrids

New tutorials:
-MODFLOW-USG Transport
-CLN Observation Wells
-Exporting MODFLOW 6
-Lidar and Multiple Lidar
-No more 32 bit version and Enable ArcObjects option
-Removed ADH, WASH123D, and UTEXAS interfaces

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7 SP1/8/10
CPU:XMS software is CPU intensive. We recommend the fastest CPU your budget allows.
RAM:8 GB or greater
GPU: For all display features to be enabled, OpenGL 1.5 or higher must be supported. .

GMS 10.4.5 June 21, 2019 Release Notes:

2D Grid:
-Loading Grid and Datasets Crashes GMS

3D Grid:
-Status bar info disappears when moving mouse to certain locations outside of display window

-HFB hangs when mapping to MODFLOW

-Deleting the grid crashes GMS

Display Options:
-Cell faces still visible when material zone is isolated
-Contour labels font settings don't update

-Python scripts in python package should be removed

-Data Calculator 'Done' button does not move when dialog is resized
-Zooming to Extents on 3D Shapefile when not in Plan View results in Blank Screen

-Redraw Display Button removes GIS Legend
-'Processing' appears when GIS Data is turned off
-GMS not handling flt files correctly
-Select KMZ files won't import

-Parameter Key Values from Materials Not Initializing. When using materials instead of data arrays, only some of the HK key values initialize in MODFLOW Parameters in the project.

-Add invert selection option to right-click menu in main display.


-Copy + Pasting leads to Incomplete parameter rows leads to GMS crash. Since the MODFLOW Parameters dialog didn't initialize all parameters, a list was copied from Excel to paste into the Parameters dialog. However, if the user attempts to exit the Parameters dialog before all fields are filled, GMS crashes. However, at least the 'Tied' field does not allow itself to be filled.

-LAK package Theta. For steady-state models, if the user enters a non-zero value as theta in the LAK package, the value is not retained when the project is saved, closed, and reopened. The value is also not written to the native *.LAK file.

-CLN Observations not handled correctly for PEST. When attempting to run PEST in a project where it should run, it gives an error that it can't open *.pval_1. This is because *.pval_1 was not written. The *.ins file is empty.

-MODFLOW Check Simulation crashes GMS. The problem is due to mixing STR and SFR2 arcs in the same coverage. This shouldn't be done.

-MODFLOW-USG Translator won't open files. The UGrid for these files is apparently very large, because the DIS and GSF files are both over 1 GB. When attempting to read into GMS, the 64-bit version gets further than the 32-bit version, but still gives an error when converting the GSF to VTU. In GMS 10.3 the files translate successfully but then also give the GSF to VTU error.

-mod-PATH3DU Error requires LIST to be first. Running an MP3DU set gives error "FIRST ENTRY IN NAME FILE MUST BE LIST" which suggests an issue may be with the exported file.

-Tutorial Review: MODPATH Polyfill not displaying. Turning on the Poly fill options is not showing a fill behind the pathlines.

-Tutorial Review: Particle set ordering not functioning. When there are multiple particle sets, the order in the project explorer is being ignored in the Graphics Window. Instead, GMS seems to be arbitrarily displaying the particle sets in the Graphics Window.

-Tutorial Review: Changing particle duration creates new coverage. Changing the particle set duration is creating a new map coverage with an arc showing the capture field. Also, often this arc/coverage can't be hidden unless the Show Inactive Coverage display option is turned off.

-Crash when turning on load solution checkbox after MT3D encounters an error.

Online Maps:
-Online images not showing when zoomed in too far. Online images was not grabbing lower resolution images when a higher resolution image was not available.

-Unable to draw arcs if not framed on something else. Arc will disappear after drawing it.

-Inconsistencies in XMS products after changing the images Projection. Set images to display projection regardless of what the user selects.
-Unexpected behavior when converting between coordinate systems. Causes an error message to appear when using too many point conversions.

-Error creating TIN with GIS data. During the TIN creation and irrelevant info dialog appeared.
-Frame button doesn't work correctly with GIS layers. When additional data is loaded, visible GIS data is not considered when framing.
-Trimming a raster gives an invalid data range. A raster is generated, but it has a data range of 0 to INF.
-Convert to Trimmed Raster fails. Message appears saying the command did not run correctly and an empty raster is loaded.

Scatter data:
-Computed flow value displayed when it shouldn't exist.

-TPROGS Grid X and Y dimensions flip inside/outside GMS. The X and Y dimensions switch when exporting TPROG files to run outside vs running inside GMS.

-GSF Import Issues. When opening the GSF file, GMS spins and a python window launches that does not appear to call a specific script.






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