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New Equipments, III

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On 15.12.2015 at 1:33 AM, Thebestsimon said:

Hi everybody,

As you may have seen, thay implemented new sets of equipments between Lvl. 900 and 9000 !!!

I wanted to have your opinion on them and if you find some attractive ! And if you have picture of the equipments above Lvl. 2000 :D

I've seen some of a good one :

(Votre inventaire: 0 Objet(s))
Dégâts primaires: +92
Dégâts supp.: +434
Prix (vente): 227.800.825 pièces d`or + 99 Pierres Démoniaques 
Prix (achat): 56.950.206 pièces d`or 
Prérequis : niveau 1530


(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))
Dégâts primaires: +103
Dégâts supp.: +206
Force: +129

Prix (achat): 44.394.640 pièces d`or
Prérequis : niveau 1220 

that's so expensive ...

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best weapons until 1700 are:

(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Sansa de Lovitura (pe oponent): -20
Șansa de a lovi bonus (pe oponent): -77

Preţ: 179.180.334aur + 99 Pietre ale Iadului 
Valoarea de revânzare: 44.795.083aur 
Cerinte: nivel 1230

(Inventariul tău: 0 obiect(e))

Daune normale: +92
Dauna bonus: +434

Preţ: 227.800.825aur + 99 Pietre ale Iadului 
Valoarea de revânzare: 56.950.206aur 
Cerinte: nivel 1530

(Inventariul tău: 0 obiect(e))

Dauna bonus: +260
Șansa de a lovi bonus: +122

Preţ: 244.231.166aur + 99 Pietre ale Iadului 
Valoarea de revânzare: 61.057.791aur 
Cerinte: nivel 1630

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I like that they are implementing new items... but they have abandoned all the old style BF...

Also for the new style I don't see so much activity... and, iu you go on the gameforge.com homepage, Bitefight is not listed anymore in their games...

I'm worried that we are the next game GF will close..

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