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Starting my own bot from scratch... Help!

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First of all, im lacking any programming skills, my goal is learn while i try to complete my project, i have found a semi-abandoned web game, just like bitefight if not more dead and want to make a bot for it.

The idea is read the web, extract the information needed to play then process it and input the desired action into the game, but i have soon find my first wall:

The source code of the web is based on calls to javascript and other web programming lenguages so if i click right button view source it only shows a few lines calling all the real web, i found that i use Firefox Inspector, i can see the real source code and the data i need to extract, but i have no idea of how to do it.


So my first question is how i can use the Firefox inspector tool to search a line looking for a text chain like

<div class="lobby-castle__player-name">Elite</div> And from that chain extract the name between > and < and save it to a text file.

Thank you

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Is that some BattleKnight there :D

Well JavaScript is made exactly for this, it prevents you from injecting code in the page and is executed server-side, so it is not reachable unless you know the functions names.

What you want to do is the first approach of boting, you want to inspect the entire page and look for the information you want, then act like a human by selecting/filling the forms. That eventually is not the right approach but it will always works as the browser can't prevent that (the bot is truly acting like a human). The right apporach is to connect to the server using your normal logins and request the actions on the page. As for the Bitefight Bot it connect to the web site with your SID and browser user datas and then can interact freely with the application through URL and stuff. What you can't do for now (I've tried to do my own Bitefight Bot and it could eventually swap your equipment automaticaly, drink pot everyday and collect eggs on Easter...). But my bot was not connected, it was just clicking here and there...

But if you want to inspect the page, you should find the "document" in the console, and then you can use function like "GetByName".

For example, if you run this command in the console : document.getElementById("ips_uid_7509_4").title

you will get the message that shows when you hower over your name on your previoous post "Go to muxodeiv's profile". It was just and example to reach the informations you want. There are some "get" functions to retrieve tagname, class, name or Id. Then you just have to read the content, go check some javascript classes to know how to use them.

Later you will reproduce it with an application, like an Angular app or an ASP.Net app. Your turn now :)

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