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xAlz Encryption v2.0 [PHP] (OBSOLETE)

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Here is my Encryption algorithm written in PHP, this is the newest version, v2.0 . I am using it for a long time and no issues.  

function xAlz($input, $salt = NULL)
    // xAlz 2.0
    $Key['X'] = substr(sha1($input), 7, 13);
    $Key['A'] = strlen($Key['X']) * strlen($input) * 1024 / 64;
    $Key['L'] = base64_encode($Key['A'] . "/$salt" . $Key['X']);
    $Key['Z'] = hash_hmac('SHA512', $input, $Key['X'] . $Key['L']);
    return hash_hmac('SHA256', $Key['Z'], $Key['X']);

Save this code in file "xAlz.php" and add this to your main page:

require "xAlz.php";

Then for encryption just use (example):

- Without salt -

$string = "elite7hackers.net";
echo "xAlz Hash for $string is" . xAlz($string);

- With salt -

$string = "elite7hackers.net";
$salt   = "hccoUv6rZkyX7D8BCQTJoIVOP2uRgPAx";
echo "xAlz Hash for $string is" . xAlz($string, $salt);


Output is SHA256 hash, but it's pre-hashed several times in multiple algorithms before final output so there are no possible chances that for example hashed "TEST" will match in any hash database existing, even without using salt. Salt is just extra level of security. Brute force possibility: For now, none. What's new in 2.0: - Almost completely rewritten - Salt support DEMO: http://apps.elite7hackers.net/apps/UniHasher/

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This is not encryption, is hashing my friend. Encryption is a process of encoding a text, in such way that THE HACKER won't be able to read it, and then decrypted by the one who must receive the message :) The only way to `decrypt` a hashing string is guessing the input, hash it and compare with initial hash :D But what do I know.. you are the hacker :P

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Yeah that's hashing. My bad. Real encryption is AES for example. But hashing can be called encryption. And it is called encryption on many places over the internet. So for fun I love to call it encryption. And you are completly right about decrypting. MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1 etc. are one-way encryption algorithms. As it says "one-way", means that this can't be decrypted again. Only guessing (bruteforce, dictionary etc) as you said. UniHasher is an application for hashing (encrypting) string into many algorithms http://apps.elite7hackers.net/apps/UniHasher/ Check it out.

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