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Even if it is possible for humans, there is no control of it on servers.. I think that you can't get caught using bot because it is not "viible". I must say that the bot send the same informations as you when playing. And when I do stories I click really fast ! I can also make 100 grottos in under 5 minutes.

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It doesn't matter how fast you click if the page doesn't load fast :P

Thebestsimon...100 grottos in under 5 minutes? lol...i make at least 30-40 grottos (at hard) in under 1 minute, manually :)) In fact, you can get caught using bot. From what i know, when a GO checks your account, they are looking at how fast you consume your APs. It is almost impossible to make 40 situations (make at least 40 clicks and wait for the pages to load) manually in under 1 minute.

For example, if you use 3 APs (it's story, obvious) and after 10 seconds you use other 3 APs, this is humanly impossible, even with the best PC in the world, so you get caught using bot. But, if you use 3 APs and after (at least) 1 minute you use other 3 APs, they can't get you for using bot.


For me, 450-500 delay works perfectly :D  and i am using the bot since 2013 and i never got caught :P


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Erik is true.

When someone reports you for probable use of boting you can get checked and caught. But from what I know on french servers nobody has been caught!! And yes you can't manually finish 3 AP's story in under 10 secondes. But when I do manually story I think that it takes me just 1.20 minute to do 40! When you double click on a choice sometimes (almost 9 out of 10 times) it directly go to another choice without showing the "adventure page" where it is written that you enter somewhere or you look for someone or something. So that I have to do 40 instead of 80 pages. In 1 minute with my somewhat good connexion it is totally possible. But yes doing stories in under 10 secondes is not possible. So now another thing to go faster. You can -with the header and analyst page- destroy literally the grotto or story page to "only" show and charge the choices. To sum up when you click on hard, it loads and then you go back on the older page and it only shows the case "hard" so that the page "loads" faster. Doing it allows you to "click" faster and ruins their method of monitoring... So btw it is still impossible to get caught. I'm not that stupid but I'm sure that I can send them a message saying "this account XXX is using botin" and I just put the name of one account I just made and wait for them to catch me boting. Sure they can't ^^

But we must always be aware of the risk ;) So 4/500 is good (but I'm still using 0 :P)

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25 minutes ago, ChristianTroy said:

to me makes no difference if i put 1 or 100 but with 7-800 it goes really slow, but after all better safe than sorry...

Get 800 for SAFE and you will not get bann for boting.

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