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Looking for America

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Looking for America By
2004 | 406 Pages | ISBN: 1405114657 | PDF | 4 MB

Looking for America: The Visual Production of Nation and People is a groundbreaking collection that explores the "visual" in defining the kaleidoscope of American experience and American identity in the 20th century. Covers enduringly important topics in American history: nationhood, class, politics of identity, and the visual mapping of "others" Includes editorial introductions, suggested readings, a primer on how to "read" an image, and a guide to visual archives and collections Well-illustrated book for those in American Studies and related fields eager to incorporate the visual into their teaching-and telling-of the American story.Content: Chapter 1 Sleuthing Towards America: Visual Detection in Everyday Life (pages 17-41): Ardis CameronChapter 2 Cartes de Visite Portrait Photographs and the Culture of Class Formation (pages 42-57): Andrea L. VolpeChapter 3 Photographing the "American Negroe": Nation, Race, and Photography at the Paris Exposition of 1900 (pages 61-93): Shawn Michelle SmithChapter 4 Techniques of the Imaginary Nation: Engendering Family Photography (pages 94-117): Laura WexlerChapter 5 Private Eyes, Public Women: Images of Class and Sex in the Urban South, Atlanta, Georgia, 1913?1915 (pages 118-148): Jacquelyn Dowd HallChapter 6 Margaret Bourke?White' Red Coat; or, Slumming in the Thirties (pages 149-169): Paula RabinowitzChapter 7 "The Kind of People who Make Good Americans": Nationalism and Life's Family Ideal (pages 174-211): Wendy KozolChapter 8 Visual Culture and Working?Class Community: Photography and the Organizing of the Steelworker's Union in Chicago (pages 212-237): Larry PetersonChapter 9 Sit?Coms and Suburbs: Positioning the 1950s Homemaker (pages 238-263): Mary Beth HaralovichChapter 10 The Zoot?Suit and Style Warfare (pages 264-280): Stuart CosgroveChapter 11 Looking Jewish, Seeing Jews (pages 281-310): Matthew Frye JacobsonChapter 12 The Photograph as an Intersection of Gazes (pages 311-339): Catherine A. Lutz and Jane L. CollinsChapter 13 When Strangers Bring Cameras: The Poetics and Politics of Othered Places (pages 340-360): Ardis Cameron





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