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CONVERGE 2.3.0 datecode 14022017 (Win/linux) 181108

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CONVERGE 2.3.0 datecode 14022017 (Win/linux) 181108


CONVERGE 2.3.0 datecode 14022017 (Win/linux) | 1 GB

Convergent Science has updated its CONVERGE CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software. This release combines the package's automated meshing function with new facilities for solving surface chemistry and molten-solid reactions.
The automatic meshing function is one of the cornerstones of the software, explained Convergent Science marketing director Rob Kaczmarek.

Where Converge differs from most other CFD packages is that the meshing function is fully integrated and coupled into the flow and chemistry solver.

It creates a new mesh for every time step, which allows critical areas of the mesh to be refined dynamically during runtime (adaptive mesh refinement) - for instance focusing on the mesh around the flame front as it propagates out across the cylinder.

The new surface chemistry solver means that the package can now model the reaction between a solid surface and a gas-phase species on both walls and porous media, while the molten-solid capability is aimed primarily at modelling the depletion of urea in diesel after treatment systems.

The strength of the new package is combining these chemistry models with its unique approach of fully coupling the mesh with the flow and chemistry solvers, automating its generation at runtime and then refining the mesh when and where it is needed.

PSA Peugeot Citro?�n has been using past iterations of the package for more than four years and the group's manager for the modelling of energetic and combustion systems, Cl?�ment Dumand said this self-meshing capability has substantially improved productivity.

About Convergent Science

Founded in 1997 in Madison, Wisconsin, Convergent Science is a global leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Its customers include leading automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, tier one suppliers, and professional motorsport teams.

Its flagship product, CONVERGE, includes groundbreaking technology that eliminates the user-defined mesh, fully couples the automated mesh and the solver at runtime, and automatically refines the mesh when and where it is needed. CONVERGE is revolutionizing the CFD industry and shifting the paradigm towards predictive CFD.

Whats New :

Version: 2.3.0 datecode 14022017 (CONVERGE Solvers are 2.3.20 now)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.convergecfd.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang Server / HPC x64, HPMPI / serial MPI / MPICH

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