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FileSalvage 9.1 MacOSX 181108

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FileSalvage 9.1 MacOSX 181108


FileSalvage 9.1 MacOSX | 6.3 MB

FileSalvage - A powerful utility created to restore files that for one reason or another have been deleted or lost. FileSalvage supports a large number of different media, and understands all sorts of file systems.
FileSalvage - support for a variety of media, as well as a preview function. FileSalvage allows you to recover files accidentally deleted from the hard disk or after formatting it. The application can work with "flash drives", scratched CDs and almost all other media that the computer recognizes.

The program offers a really user-friendly interface for selecting a particular data recovery mode, whether it's fast scanning and searching for deleted files, restoring all files or simply viewing the structure of the disk. The preview function allows you to evaluate the file found. Use FileSalvage to recover lost files, iTunes libraries, iPhoto collections, and to save data that was lost.

Recovery File Types List
The following is a file that can be recovered using SubRosaSoft's FileSalvage version 8:
* 3DS 3D file (Bryce 3D Strata 3D Cheetah3D etc)
* 3GPP video file
* 3GPP2 video file
* Adobe After Effects
* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe InCopy
* Adobe InDesign
* Adobe LiveMotion
* Adobe Photoshop
* AIFF sound
* Apple AddressBook & Backup Files
* Apple Compressor
* Apple GarageBand AIF Sound Files
* Apple GarageBand Project Files
* Apple iDVD
* Apple iMovie projects
* Apple Keynote Presentation
* Apple Logic Express and Logic Pro Audio Files
* Apple Logic Express and Logic Pro Project Files
* Apple Pages
* AppleScript
* AppleWorks Document
* ArcView Design Drawing
* ASF movie
* Automator Workflow
* AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) movie
* binhex archive
* BMP image
* Bryce 3D
* bz2 compressed tar
* C Source code
* Canon CR2
* Canon CRW
* Canvas X
* Cheetah3D
* Cinema4D
* Digital Video & iMovie Movies
* DreamWeaver Actionscript
* EazyDraw
* EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
* FileMaker 5 Database
* FileMaker 7 & 8 Database
* Final Cut Pro
* Final Draft
* Finale
* Flash fla
* Flash swf
* Fuji
* GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
* GIMP (Graphics)
* Google Earth KMZ files
* gzip archive
* iCal Events
* JMP statistics software
* Keychain File
* Kodak
* M4A (iTunes music)
* M4P (iTunes encrypted music)
* m4v video
* MacroMedia Director
* MacroMedia Freehand
* Mail (Mail.app received email)
* Mail (Mail.app sent email)
* Mail (mbox standard mailbox file)
* Mathematica
* Maya 3D
* WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Excel Documents
* WeiRuan-->WeiRuan PowerPoint Documents
* WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Word Documents
* MIDI sound
* MP3
* mp4 video
* mpeg media
* MRW Minolta 7D
* Multi-Ad Creator Pro
* Nikon
* Ogg Vorbis
* Olympus
* OpenDocument Spreadsheet (OpenOffice.org & others)
* OpenDocument Text (OpenOffice.org & others)
* PageMaker
* Painter
* PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
* Poser
* PowerCADD
* Quark Xpress
* QuickBooks
* QuickTime Image
* QuickTime Media
* RagTime
* RAR archive
* RealBasic
* RealMedia
* Reason (.rps)
* Rich Text Format (RTF) text
* Safari Bookmarks
* Stuffit SIT
* Stuffit SITX
* Targa image
* TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
* Tiny Book
* TurboTax
* VectorWorks
* WAV sound
* WMA audio
* WMV video
* WouldjaDraw

What's New in Version
MTS, WEBM, MKV, and RMVB formats now supported.
New file extraction feature for scanning files or folders and extracting the individual files, text, pictures, and other data contained in them. The cache files of many browsers and chat applications can also be extracted.

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