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Lightwork Design Iray 2.1

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Lightwork Design Iray 2.1


Lightwork Design Iray 2.1
2.3 Gb

Lightwork Design and [0x1] Software have released Iray for Maya 2.1, is last release of GPU rendering plugin for Autodesk Maya software. This update added UDIM support, faster animation rendering, and support for camera scale in Iray for Maya.

What's new in Iray for Maya 2.1:

Iray for Maya 2.1 is the first update to the software since the new website launched, and adds quite a range of new features, including support for the UDIM UV format used in many DCC tools.

Again, the full feature list is as follows:

- Improved AxF import
- ifmBsdf and ifmBsdfMetallicFlakes material
- UDIM support
- Faster animation rendering
- Improvements to Deep Learning-powered Post
- Support of Camera Scale
- New camera parameter: Refract Backplate
- Improved image plane, including texture map support
- Section capping for Iray Section Objects
- RealityServer export

About Lightwork Design Iray. NVIDIA Iray is the first GPU-accelerated solution for physics-based, photo-realistic rendering world-wide. Combined with the parallel processing power of the latest NVIDIA video processors, Iray achieves interactivity with extremely fast reactions and significantly accelerates the iterations required to create perfect scenes.

Autodesk Maya 3D animation software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform.

Iray for Maya 2.1 is developed by [0x1] Software and Consulting GmbH (www.0x1-software.com). [0x1] integrates Iray as an independently available renderer in Maya. It enables the user to take advantage of Iray's interactivity combined with its physically plausible rendering capabilities in computer graphics production.

[0x1] endeavors to integrate Iray as seamless as possible into Maya. Nevertheless, at some points the different philosophies of the two software packages have made it necessary to implement workflow strategies in new ways not found by users in the original packages.

The performance of a renderer such as Iray is relatively independent of how complex the scene geometry is. The complexity of light paths is more important: A candle in a labyrinth, or light rays diverging from a narrow window, will take longer to yield a good-quality rendering than light shining through a broad skylight or picture windows. As with other renderers, performance is also proportional to the resolution of the rendered image. The complexity of materials in the scene also affects performance: The more textures, blending, and noise a material has, the longer it takes to calculate the results.

Iray is physically based and simulates light paths as close as possible to reality. This is the reason why you have to act in specific situations different than in other renderers like mental ray. To give an example: It is not possible to turn off shadows for specific geometry.

Iray for Maya 2.1 offers two render modes: Iray Photoreal and Iray Interactive. Iray Photoreal is exactly the render mode users are familiar with from older Iray for Maya versions. It is an interactive, ray-tracing based render mode that generates "push-button" photorealistic imagery featuring complex global illumination effects. Iray Photoreal makes use of a highly optimized BSDF and EDF based framework, essentially capturing the physical behaviour of real-world materials and light sources. Iray Photoreal can leverage NVIDIA CUDA capable GPUs to render photorealistic images much faster than on a CPU, due to the highly parallel nature of the underlying simulation processes. If a system does not feature CUDA capable graphics boards it will automatically fall back to using only CPU based rendering. This will produce the same images but typically the rendering will take longer to complete. In addition, it can also use both resources at the same time.

Iray Interactive is an interactive raytracing render mode which uses faster yet less accurate rendering algorithms than Iray Photoreal. Iray Interactive targets a look which is consistent with the physically based result of Iray Photoreal, yet it is optimized for interactive scene manipulations. Iray Interactive leverages NVIDIA CUDAcapable GPUs. It is ideal where ray-tracing effects, such as reflections and refraction, are desired and limited photorealism is acceptable.

About Lightwork Design Ltd. We are all things visualisation from SDK integration to configurator builds. For nearly 30 years we've been working with leading software companies to develop and integrate our visualisation technology into CAD systems and design applications. Our dedication to technology and feature development means that we've been working with many of our customers for decades, which is no mean feat in the software sector.

Since our formation in 1989 our portfolio of products and services has expanded and we now offer application, plug-in and configurator development, VR experience generation and creative visualisation and rendering services.

Our multidisciplinary team of software developers, integration specialists, UI and UX designers and 3D artists are always looking to begin exciting and pioneering projects with new customers, giving them access to all the benefits and features of our Iray+ technology.

Product: Lightwork Design Iray
Version: 2.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: The same OS for the version of software that you are using.
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk Maya 2016-2018
Size: 2.3 Gb

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