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Dear members, finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme.
Here you go!

Please head here if you want to vote https://www.elite7hackers.net/topic/411861-the-new-theme/


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Peppermint 1.4 build 2652 | MacOSX 180808

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Peppermint 1.4 build 2652 | MacOSX 180808


Peppermint 1.4 build 2652 | MacOSX | 19.9 MB
The tweakable Swiss Army knife for Coding on your Mac. The freshest, eco-friendly Code Editor for your Mac. Peppermint is a multi-purpose javascript/CoffeeScript-able code editor for your everyday coding needs.

Click & Run
Instantly Run/Preview your code, without ever leaving Peppermint, for over 30 different programming languages.
Live Console
Did you know Peppermint features a full-fledged CoffeeScript-powered console and API? Need javascript or a full Bash terminal within a click?s reach? That?s included too!
Advanced Editing at your fingertips: Snippets, Autocompletion, Incremental Search, Multiple cursors, Advanced Search&Replace with Regex, Smart Undo-Redo and More!
Over 70 different syntaxes supported for all your everyday coding needs
Dozens of plugins/extensions for everything you need: live preview your HTML, convert LESS or Markdown, beautify CSS/JS/HTML, complete FTP/SFTP support, Regex Editor, share your Gists!
With more than 10 different built-in dark & bright themes to choose from, adding some colour to your coding life has never been easier.
? 50+ different syntaxes supported
? 10+ different themes
? Lots of different plugins/tools for everything you need
? Instantly Run/Preview your code, without ever leaving Peppermint
? Included FTP/SFTP mapping support
? Live javascript console
? Fully customiseable & scriptable
? Advanced Editing: Snippets, Autocompletion, Multiple cursors
Specs Supported
ActionScript, Ada, AppleScript, Assembly x86, Bash, C#, C++, C, COBOL, CSS, Clojure, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, D, Erlang, Forth, Go, HTML, Haml, Haskell, Image, JSON, JSP, Java, javascript, LESS, LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, MATLAB, Makefile, Markdown, OCaml, Objective-C, PHP, Pascal, Perl, Plain Text, Prolog, Python, Python+Django, R, Ruby, SQL, Sass, Scala, Scheme, Swift, Tcl, Textile, XML, XQuery, YAML
Plugins Included
? AppleScript : Run / Run with Arguments
? Bash : Run / Run with Arguments
? C : Run / Run with Arguments
? C++ : Run / Run with Arguments
? C# : Run / Run with Arguments
? CoffeeScript : Compile
? CSS : Beautify
? HAML : Compile
? HTML : Beautify, Preview, Preview in Browser, Strip HTML Tags, Validate
? Java : Run / Run with Arguments
? javascript : Beautify, javascript to CoffeeScript, Pack, Run / Run with Arguments
? JSON : Beautify, To XML, Validate
? LESS : Compile
? Lua : Run / Run with Arguments
? Markdown : Preview, Convert to HTML
? Objective-C : Run / Run with Arguments
? Perl : Run / Run with Arguments
? PHP : Run / Run with Arguments
? Python : Run / Run with Arguments
? Swift : Run / Run with Arguments
? Regex Editor
? Share your snippets via Gists
? StackOverflow embedded search
? FTP/SFTP support out-of-the-box
? Stick a file to split view
OSX 10.7 or later. 64-bit processor. 100% Yosemite-ready.
Buy a premium to download file with fast speed

Buy a premium to download file with fast speed

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