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Equations to calculate the volume of combat and the price of maneuvers and talent points

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First: To calculate the range of combat value allowed by your player to attack

Minimum Combat Value = 80% of the value of your fight

Maximum Combat Value = 125% of the value of your fight


An example is if your special battle value is 1000


Your fighting range will be limited between the players from the value of the fighting 800 to 1250


Second: Calculate the prices of the exercises


The price of the new point for one training = (current training value -4) ^ 2.4


Example If the value of one of your current training <strength, defense, Dexterity , endurance or Charisma > is 100 points


The price of the new point = (100-4) ^ 2.4 = 96 ^ 2.4 = 57207 gold


Third: calculating the prices of talent points


Price of the new point = 100 * (number of points spent ^ 2.5)


Example If you want to calculate the price of point 20 and have spent on talent 19 points will be the price as a tool


The price of the new point = 100 * (19 ^ 2.5) = 100 * 1573 = 157300 gold

I hope you have a good explanation and good luck to everyone

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