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Microguru Corporation Basic Inventory Control 6.0 Rev2 180614

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Microguru Corporation Basic Inventory Control 6.0 Rev2 180614


Microguru Corporation Basic Inventory Control 6.0 Rev2 | 5 Mb
Basic Inventory Control Desktop keeps an accurate count of products in stock and generates list of products that need to be reordered. We also offer an Online version of Basic Inventory Control.

Basic Inventory Control keeps an accurate count of products and generates list of products that need to be reordered.
Basic Inventory Control is a perpetual inventory control system. That is, BIC provides up to date, accurate count of units in stock. Contrast a perpetual inventory control system with a periodic inventory control system where inventory counts are usually updated periodically at month, at quarter or at year end.
Basic Inventory Control maintains a physical and available inventory count. Physical units in stock refer to products physically present on premises. Available units in stock includes physical units in stock as well as units on order. Further, BIC allows allocation of units for shipment. Allocated units are excluded from available units in stock but included in physical inventory.
Basic Inventory Control automatically calculates the average unit cost of units as units enter and leave inventory. Average Costing method removes peaks and valleys in inventory cost as units acquired at high and low price levels average out.
Basic Inventory Control provides customizable inventory and transactions report for cross-checking physical inventory with inventory recorded by Basic Inventory Control. Each inventory transaction is recorded providing a complete audit trail.
Why Basic Inventory Control Desktop?
Simple, intuitive user interface
Can be used in a single-user or multiuser environment
Product list and beginning inventory can be imported from a MS Excel comma-delimited file
Inventory data can be saved to a MS Excel comma delimited file for further analysis and sharing
Requires only 3 to 6 MB of disk space to install
Reasonably priced, no annual maintenance fees
Product list and inventory levels can be later migrated to the Online version of Basic Inventory Control
Home Page -

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