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NeoOffice 2014.7 Multilingual ((Mac OSX)) 180612

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NeoOffice 2014.7 Multilingual ((Mac OSX)) 180612


NeoOffice 2014.7 Multilingual ((Mac OSX)) | 457MB
NeoOffice ? alternative office suite
NeoOffice ? full-featured set of office applications (including word processing , spreadsheets, presentations , graphics, databases) for (Mac OSX), created on the basis of the office suite OpenOffice.org.

NeoOffice has dozens of built-in features , users can browse the office suite , edit and save OpenOffice documents , PDF- files, and most documents Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.* Use native (Mac OSX) spell-checking system
Unlike OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice is embedded in the system and an extended spell check spelling, which is used in (Mac OSX), therefore eliminating the need for users to download and install additional dictionaries .
* Use native for (Mac OSX) Address Book
NeoOffice includes the ability to use the Address Book in (Mac OSX) as a data source .
* Works with most file formats Microsoft Office 2007
In NeoOffice integrated ODF ? open file format for storing documents and exchanging editable office documents that allows users to NeoOffice to open, edit and save files in the most common file formats, Microsoft Office 2007 ? Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
* Working with macros in Excel
NeoOffice includes support for macros in Excel.
* Aqua
Unlike OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice has integrated interface elements Aqua ? buttons, scroll bars , opening files , and more.
* Using Fonts (Mac OSX)
Unlike OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice uses the same fonts that all other applications (Mac OSX). NeoOffice can use any font installed by using the NeoOffice can use any font installed by using the Applications / Font Book application.
* International keyboard layout
Unlike OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice can use any keyboard layout.When you switch layouts while working NeoOffice, the program switches automatically.
* Support for printing
NeoOffice supports printing using the printer basic print functions in (Mac OSX) ? print , view, and save documents in PDF.
* The Copy / Paste
NeoOffice supports copy / paste , using (Mac OSX), so that you can copy and paste text and images between NeoOffice and other applications (Mac OSX).
* The Drag
NeoOffice supports drag and flat text or images between NeoOffice and other applications (Mac OSX).
Version 2014.7:
* Adds support for OS X?s native ?speak selected text? feature.With this new feature, NeoOffice speaks your document?s selected text when you press OS X?s ?speak selected text? key shortcut.
Bug Fixes
* When opening a new document while in full screen mode, the new document window would be displayed as a normal window instead of a full screen window
* After closing a full screen document window, in certain cases all windows would not be visible and only the active document?s menubar would be visible
* When in a Calc document, merged cells could not be selected using the Shift and arrow keys
* When in a Calc document, editing a cell that has been scrolled off the edge of the document window would cause the cell?s formula to be drawn in the wrong position
* When in a Calc document, the NeoOffice\u003e Services menu would use text from the last selected combobox instead of the currently selected cell
* When in a Writer document, the NeoOffice\u003e Services menu would use the last selected text even after unselecting all text This version of NeoOffice includes fixes for the following bugs that occur when running on OS X Yosemite:
* NeoOffice would occasionally hang while editing a table in a Base database
* Clicking any hyperlinks that point to a file would fail to open the linked file
* When the user?s language is Hebrew or Arabic, NeoOffice would draw text on top of the drop down button in comboboxes and popup buttons
Mount the image and drag the application icon in the Applications folder
System requirements:
* OS X 10.8 or later ,
* 64-bit processor

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