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DS ICEM Surf 2017.0

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DS ICEM Surf 2017.0


DS ICEM Surf 2017.0 | 1.3 Gb

Dassault Systemes, a leader in PLM and 3D solutions, and software innovator, announced ICEM Surf 2017.0, the latest version of its Class A surface modeling, analysis and visualization software.

What's new in ICEM Surf 2017.0

ICEM Surf 2017 contains the following enhancements and changes compared with the previous version:

General changes

- Start options
The new start option -session enables you to assign an individual name to an ICEM Surf session. It is shown in the info line of the ICEM Surf window. The name identifies this specific session making it possible to better distinguish between several open ICEM Surf windows.
- PDM Integration (ICEMClient)
The ICEMClient program to run ICEM Surf in PDM mode was enhanced. You can now control whether a file should be imported in the current ICEM DB or in the Reference Manager. Multiple files can now be imported in a single step. Moreover, you can import files without a check (Yes/No).
- Keyboard Shortcuts in Pulldown Menus
The display of the keyboard shortcuts in the pulldown menus is improved.
- Selection (Position)
With the Intersection Point option, the computation of the intersection point of two intersecting entities is integrated in the position selection. It is available in each ICEM Surf function using position selection. No additional geometry is created. Just the coordinates of the intersection point are transferred to the corresponding function
- Usage of OpenGL Extensions
To improve the performance when manipulating views of very large databases containing many surfaces and scans, in ICEM Surf are now used the following extensions from OpenGL version 3.2 and higher

Note: For the full list of new functions, please refer to the release notes located in the folder of your ICEM Surf 2017.0

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