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MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11

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MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11


MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11 | 907.8 mb

The MAXSURF product team is pleased to announce the availability of MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11 (version The MAXSURF suites of software offer a comprehensive range of capabilities for the design of all types of marine vessels.

Changes: All Modules
Bug fixes and minor changes
- 759349: A function LicenseLevel has been added to all the application COM automation interfaces. This function returns a string corresponding to the license which is in use.
Changes: MAXSURF Modeler
Bug fixes and minor changes
- 779044: The display of the Marker index in if it is used to define a Curve has been fixed.
- 778225: Crash on untrim surface in rendered mode, model specific. Fixed.
- 777607: On export of structure model to MF text file format, stringer end points are now added to model.
- 774960: Frame with opening not rendering. Model specific. Fixed.
- 774949: Crash on open file with structure when upgrading from older version. Model specific. Fixed.
- 768274: Change to the trim engine behavior to ensure surface doesn't get unintentionally completely trimmed away when deleting a trim surface or curve.
- 767068: Frame not rendering, model specific. Fixed.
- 766404: Some improvements have been made to the time required to open models with many structural parts.
- 764861:Structure parts can be removed from the data sheets by highlighting the row of the parts you wish to delete and hitting the delete key.
- 762994: Standardize behavior on deletion of Structure parts. A warning dialog will now appear regardless of whether the deletion is undoable or not (deleting a plate is not undoable).
- 759479: If a Deck with an opening is saved in MAXSURF Modeler then opened in MOSES Modeler and recalculated, the opening moves relative to the deck.
- 758230: All structural data sheets can now be saved directly from the table to text file. When a structural data sheet is the currently active view, choose save from the file menu. When the part window is active save will automatically save the .msd file.
- 757443: Standardize structure datasheet column headings to be same for all structural parts.
- 755722: A problem which sometimes occurred when reading a .wsd file with corrupted plate expansions has been resolved. This problem would cause the loss of some model structure data including deck definitions.
- 755255: A problem which could occur when reading an incomplete or corrupted IGES file which caused the graphics drawing to freezes has been fixed.
- 755015: A problem when moving structure parts to different folders in the Assembly tree has been fixed.
- 754451: SACS and MOSES versions only: "Mulltiframe text file..." has been renamed "Hull Mesher text..."
- 754450: When adding a stringer on a contour in the perspective view, the default projection direction is now into the most orthogonal plane.
- 754458: A problem with the stringer section pull down not getting populated correctly has been fixed.
- 754366: If a stringer was added on a surface and then the user clicked in the datasheet and without clicking on the group column tried to alter the stringer shape, the drop down list was not getting populated.
- 749516: A problem exporting mirrored plates to Multiframe has been fixed.
- 748237: Transparency of structure parts has been improved in rendered mode.
- 745933: The color and transparency Trimesh surfaces are now stored in the design file.
Changes: MAXSURF Stability
Bug fixes and minor changes
- 777606: A crash which occurred if the results database was locked by another application has been fixed.
- 776598: A minor change to the behavior of the MARPOL analysis has been made. If the "Update all tank measurements" option is selected in the MARPOL analysis options dialog, then if the Tank definition is modified, the changes to the tank geometry will automatically be included in the MARPOL analysis when it is run. (Previously you would have needed to explicitly update the data from the MARPOL analysis options dialog.
- 776463: Valid range checking of the convergence tolerances when reading data from preferences or database has been added.
- 773475: A problem which could result in "Read-only" damage cases when using the Copy Prob.dam Cases command has been fixed.
- 772718: An error in the grounding reaction forces has been fixed. This error only occurred if the vessel was resting on two grounding points and the error was in the repartition of the grounding reaction at the two points.
- 757420: Stability results database: The problem with some data including Windage area definition being lost or not correctly updated when restoring results from the database has been fixed.
- 753170: Stability results database: A problem with the Probabilistic Damage column headings being recreated each time results were reloaded from the database has been fixed.
- 750942: Stability results database: The Trim type/units are now correctly stored and restored.
- 750920: Stability results database: Floodable Length Criteria are now correctly stored and restored.
- 747155: It is now possible to save MARPOL results table as a text file.
- 746886: A crash which occurred when reordering the Rooms in the Room definition table whilst the model was rendered has been fixed.
- 746865: A problem which prevented the rendering of the port-side of trimmed symmetrical surfaces has been fixed.
Changes: MAXSURF Motions
Bug fixes and minor changes
- 762993: Drop down combo boxes for Speed, Spectrum and Heading are not getting cleared when the .skd file is closed. This is now fixed.
- 761294: A crash which occurred when saving the Strip theory "Section hydrodynamic coeffs" table without completing an analysis has been fixed.
- 749662: Hide (not grey) unavailable options in MOSES Motions in wave surface dialog.
Changes: MAXSURF Multiframe
Bug fixes and minor changes from 21.10.00 to 21.11.00
- 775679: Offset at node 2 of a member not displayed correctly in Data Window if no offset at node 1; this is now fixed.
- 755031: Rendered view only changes rendering in current active window (Frame or Load) but not both; this is now fixed.
- 745841: Multiframe Advanced: All Design Codes are now available again.
- 745362: AISC2005/2010 Flat bars not supported for torsion check has been fixed.
- 743590: Multiframe Japanese now defaults to SI units.
- 741703: Unable to create design members due to the error message - "Design Members must be made up of a single line of connected elements".
- 741696: Some members were omitted when creating a design member from a list of selected members; this is now fixed.

For the full list of new and improved features, please refer to the release notes located in the folder of your MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11.

Note: Note that this version 21.11 will replace versions 21.10 and 21.02 if already installed on your computer. Side-by-side installation of versions 21.11 and 21.10 or 21.02 is not possible.

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