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Bitefight trick if you do not know it already


This is in fact not a hack. It has always been like that. But consider this thread as a reminder for those who had forgotten about this :)

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So this is not a bait!!! I just discover this :big_smile:

You can actually make a tavern mission and story at the same time, so what I am telling you is if you have missions like "kill 20 demos" for example you just select the mission and then start your story it will work, at least on speed server does. The trick here is not to be a specific difficulty, however if the difficulty is set on medium you are in the clear ;)   as far as I tested.

Also you can finish mission like "kill a particular demon: witch (medium) "  and the beauty is that you get more demons, so you make the mission faster, for the same amount of Ap spent, and you get to make the story not spending separate Ap  on the mission.

I don't know if  someone else made this public, i didn't found a thread that says this on my quick search ... So i hope that this helps an work on every server if not just delete this topic :)  

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@totem1 Nah man, that is not a discovery lol. I'm using this since 2009... In fact fights in the stories are "Medium" fights, so every single quest regarding medium opponent will be considered in the stories.

That is the only way to get some quests in stories. You just need to take a look at the resulting fight and you will see that it is ranged as medium monsters.

I do believe that this trick is known from everybody...

But guess it can be a good reminder for some :)

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@pepe142103 No just no, that is bullshit. You can't get double gold by clicking like a dumbass :) At this point the bot may be clicking 100 times per second and does not get 2x gold lol.

What happen when you multi click on story is that sometimes it skips the next screen and goes directly to the next situation...

Same for you @Arsenal, You can get 3x more gold than normal grotto when doing story. For 3 AP you can get around 6 to 7 difficult grottos.

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@Thebestsimon Use the trick of the 3 clicks, checking the number of the story in which you are going and the amount of gold you earn. It will not always give double gold but there is a bug of the game and at some point, it will give you double gold. Just try it


and this is another trick, you can create many accounts with emails such as [email protected] and once created, activate them all with a single email, and create farms to get stamp on a clan or any goal you want to give them

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@pepe142103 No dude, multi accounts is not tolerate on the game. And you will get a def ban until 2038.

Regarding your 1st point, I may think that it is a bug on your server because, I may have done over 1000000 story since the beginning of the mode and never have I double gold. I regularly monitor the bot as I keep dying, so I can say this is not even possible on my version. Eventually nobody ever talked about that on the forum also!

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in the servers of Mexico the definitive ban by multi account only applies in the fast servers, in any other server they only connect the accounts, but you can open them with a dns or proxy server

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