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Decca Sound - 55 Great Vocal Recitals (Limited Edition) (2016)

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Decca Sound - 55 Great Vocal Recitals (Limited Edition) (2016)
Label: Decca (Universal Music)
Genre: Classical, Opera
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps
Total Time: 67:55:18
Total Size: 9150 MB

This limited edition presents 55 of the most impressive voices whose vocal arts have shaped a whole century. The artists of this encyclopedic box set with 55CDs depict the who-is-who of the greatest singers, from the 1950s to the present day, from Paul Schöffler to Jonas Kaufmann.

In chronological order, the story of the most beautiful voices of the second half of the 20th century (until today) can be experienced; 55 celebrated recitals in which, for example, the originally original LP Recitals were supplemented with bonus material.

Among the performers: Kathleen Ferrier, Cesare Siepi, Mario del Monaco, Kirsten Flagstad, Lisa della Casa, Carlo Bergonzi, Guiseppe di Steffano, Teresa Berganza, Birgit Nilsson, Marilyn Horne, Renata Tebaldi, Hermann Prey, Régine Crespin, Gwyneth Jones, Hans Hot Rods, Mirella Freni, Renata Scotto, Martti Talvela, Kiri Te Kanawa, Brigitte Fassbaender, Andreas Scholl, Renée Fleming, Matthias Goerne, Juan Diego Florez, Jonas Kaufmann.

In addition, the debut recitals are represented by such illustrious artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland, Angela Gheorghiu and Cecilia Bartoli.


1.CD Suzanne Danco - Operatic Recital: Arias & Songs by Charpentier, Verdi, Massenet, Bizet, Purcell, Gluck, Debussy, Strauss, Schubert (1950-1956)
2.CD Paul Schöffler - Operatic Recital: Arias by Mozart, Verdi , Wagner, Strauss (1949-1951)
3.CD Kathleen Ferrier - A Recital of Bach and Handel Arias: Spiritual Arias by Bach, Händel; Songs by Mahler & Schumann (
1950/1952 ) 4.CD Cesare Siepi - Operatic Arias for Bass: Arias by Verdi, Meyerbeer, Halevy, Boito, Mozart (1954-1957)
5.CD Fernando Corena - Operatic Arias for Bass: Arias by Rossini, Massenet, Saint-Saens, Thomas, Gounod, Mozart, Donizetti (
1952/1856 ) 6th CD Mario del Monaco - Great Tenor Arias (1956)
7th CD Kirsten Flagstad - Wagner Recital & Sibelius Songs (1956)
8.CD Lisa Della Casa - Songs Recital (1956)
9.CD Giulietta Simionato - Operatic Recital (1956)
10.CD Gerard Souzay - French Operatic Arias & Gabriel Faure (1956)
11.CD Virginia Zeani - Operatic Recital (1956)
12.CD Jennifer Vyvyan - Mozart & Haydn Recital (1957)
13.CD Carlo Bergonzi - Operatic Recital (1957)
14.CD Giuseppe di Stefano - Operatic Recital & Italian Songs (1958)
15.CD Joan Sutherland - Operatic Arias (1959)
16.CD Regina Resnik - On the Wings of Opera (1961)
17.CD Hilde Gueden sings Sings Operetta Evergreens (1961)
18.CD Teresa Berganza sings Mozart (1962)
19.CD Tom Krause - Songs by Sibelius and Strauss (1963)
20.CD Peter Pears - Schubert: Die Wintereise (1963)
21.CD Birgit Nilson Sings German Opera by Wagner, Weber & Beethoven (1963)
22.CD Robert Merrill & James McCracken - Italian Opera Arias (1963)
23.CD Marylin Horne - Recital (1964)
24.CD Renata Tebaldi - Operatic Arias (1964)
25.CD Hermann Prey - Schubert: Schwanengesang (1965)
26.CD Elena Souliotis - Donizetti & Verdi (1966)
27.CD Regine Crespin - Recital: Songs by Schumann, Wolf, Debussy, Poulenc (1967)
28.CD Gwyneth Jones - Scenes from Verdi (1968)
29.CD Luciano Pavarotti - Arias by Verdi and Donizetti (1968)
30.CD Nicolai Ghiaruov: Great Scenes from Verdi and Mussorgsky (1969)
31.CD Huguette Tourangeau - Arias from Forgotten Operas (1970)
32.CD Maria Chiara sings Verdi Arias (1972)
33.CD Sherrill Milnes - Great Scenes from Italian Opera (1972)
34.CD Hans Hotter - The Art of Hans Hotter Vol. 1 (1974)
35.CD Sylvia Sass - Presenting Sylvia Sass (1977)
36.CD Pilar Lorengar - Portrait of Pilar (1978)
37.CD Elisabeth Söderström Sings Sings Songs for Children: Songs by Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninov (1978)
38.CD Mirella Freni & Renata Scotto - In Duet (1978)
39.CD Maritta Talvela - Mussorgsky: Lieder und Tänze des Todes; Songs by Rachmaninov (1980)
40.CD Paata Burchuladze: Mussorgksy: Arias aus Boris Godunow (1984)
41.CD Leo Nucci - Bel canto Arias (1986)
42.CD Susan Dunn - Verdi, Beethoven, Wagner (1987)
43.CD Cecilia Bartoli - Rossini Arias (1988)
44.CD Josephoine Barstow - Final Scenes: Finalszenen by Strauss, Cherubini, Janacek, Puccini (1989)
45.CD Kiri te Kanawa - In Recital: Songs by Liszt, Obradors, Ravel (1989)
46.CD Brigitte Fassbaender - Liszt: Songs (1990)
47.CD Sumi Jo - Carnaval (1993)
48.CD Angela Gheorghiu - Arias (1995)
49.CD Andreas Scholl - Heroes (1998)
50.CD Renee Fleming - Great Opera Scenes (1996)
51.CD Barbara Bonney - Diamonds in the Snow (1999)
52.CD Matthias Goerne - Arias (2000)
53.CD Juan Diego Florez - Un furtiva lagrima (2002)
54.CD Jonas Kaufmann - Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Wagner (2008)
55.CD Joseph Calleja - The Maltese Tenor (2010)



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