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No health loss in PvP

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so, over time, I have stumbled across this particularly interesting mechanic. Sometimes, when you attack other player in certain time interval, when regeneration count overlaps the attack, there happens to be no health loss after the battle.



So, let's say I have 6500 hp, I, luckily, attack someone, in battle report it says I lost 3k health, but once I refresh or go to any link in BF, my health is the same as it was before the attack + healed. I only payed attention to this when I was low level raider, since health mattered to me then.


Why am I writing this? Because I'm asking someone who is familiar with packets, game coding and similar stuff to think about this and perhaps we could even make a PvP tool that would attack every 10 seconds, but every second attack would be the one that has overlapping in it, so we don't lose HP.


It might be shot in the dark but I also believe that this was reported LONG, LONG, LONG ago and hasn't been solved in years. Perhaps that's a clue ^^

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Well it happened sometimes. Honestly that is just a bug and we can't force it. It happened to me last week, in a guild war, I've lost 340k HP during the first battle round and started the second round with full health, which caused me to continue to third round, but I did not recover all my health in between. So the game can bug at some point yeah and I think we need to be over accurate to click at the right timing not to lose our life. But on PvP it doesn't really matter, in guild war it is just a turning point as a dude like me with 660k HP can beast 3 rounds with full life everytime lol! So easy to win if we can do it.

Another interesting point in guild war, you can actually benefit from war item without equipping them. Explanations here: I've tried an conclusive experiment, I equipped my war helmet which provides some health and when the war began I waited a bit like 1 minute and then equipped back my dmg helmet, and when the war ended I looked back at the fights and what happened is that I was fighting with my dmg helmet but with my high health amount (660k instead of 400k). Which means I had the bonus of both equipment! I didn't find a way to do it again but I'm sure it is easy to do :)

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