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Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1.3.176 With Contents Pack 15.08.03

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Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1.3.176 With Contents Pack 15.08.03 [center] fd09f0cb41902d85098f12a01421d1ab.jpg Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1.3.176 With Contents Pack | 8.62 GB Samplitude Pro X2 is the perfect DAW for uncompromised audio productions - from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring. Work with a fully customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with 64-bit support, outstanding mastering quality plugins, 5.1 Surround mixing and its ability to be seamless integrated into your studio make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstations CHANGE-LOG v13.1.3.176 + IMPORT-EXPORT-RECORDING Problems with metronome precount - fixed + MIXER-FX-INSTRUMENTS Problems with copy protection of some plug-ins (e.g. iLok for Antares and older Waves plug-ins) - fixedCurrent ReWire 2.6.4 DLLs in Customize\ReWire (just needed in case there are no Re Wire DLLs installed yet) Default shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F did open old 4 band EQ - fixed Object editor: just activated gain was ap plied only after next playback start - fixed + GUI Toolbar: time input for moving objects didn't work - fixed + GENERAL Updated setup for visually impaired users (Setup_VisuallyImpai red.INZ)Attention: in comparison to Samplitude Pro X several shortcuts changedMore details under: mORE iNFO: _http://pro.magix.com-de/samplitude-barrierefreiheit.1454.html [b]Buy a premium to download file with fast speed[/b] [b]Rapidgator.net[/b] thanks [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/6d58c5ddedcc4ace895dfabb2410cd57/msps176-m.part01.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/6585371168f287ef73875807bf532443/msps176-m.part02.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/ec83484e29ede19f6cc0f8934fb0155e/msps176-m.part03.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/1184be7a203cdc99224256c0806fd40f/msps176-m.part04.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/4a501c241455a70a3ed1184764dea47e/msps176-m.part05.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/8adeac1c30fb60f6b32f6895e53d497e/msps176-m.part06.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/3cae5d4aa917e55f4c3807bd3c9da1bf/msps176-m.part07.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/151fa347b88968731c9fd8175221bd71/msps176-m.part08.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/8caed0f5315d0d241f13afe6ca07ad0e/msps176-m.part09.rar.html[/url][/center]

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