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Winstep Nexus 15.7 Multilanguage

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fdace26c6b30fd171cf266450e2329cb.jpg [b]Winstep Nexus 15.7 | 31.07 Mb[/b] [b]Winstep Nexus[/b] is a highly configurable dock system that creates an eye-candy launcher on the desktop to start your favorites apps on the go. Similar to (Mac OSX) docks, Winstep Nexus lets you add any icon or shortcut on the bar, but it also provides a great amount of customization features. Thanks to support for modules, you can add mini tools such as CPU and network monitors, clocks, weather information and Recycle Bin controllers. On the other hand, it also supports separators for better organization, but also internal Windows commands to easily perform a command supported by the operating system with a single click. You can for instance start Flip 3D, start screensaver, show volume control, access fonts or enter Control Panel using dedicated icons on the dock. But what's more impressive is the customization level it provides. You can change basically every single aspect of the dock, starting with the look, thanks to theme support, and ending with reflection and sounds. Plus, it has a long list of magnification and mouse over effects, so it's all up to the user and his or her preferences. Last but not least, Winstep Nexus comes with running indicators to let you know which programs are running, but also with multi-monitor support to use the tool on multiple monitors. Documents benefit from automatic thumbnails, while each module comes with its very own configuration screen. Although it's supposed to run in the background all the time, Winstep Nexus is far from becoming a resource hog, working just fine on all Windows versions. All things considered, Winstep Nexus is one of the best tools of its kind, offering an impressive list of features and tons of configuration options. [b]What's New? Highlighted Features:[/b] Full Windows 10 support. Improved the experience of running Nexus for the first time. New 'Task View' internal command to invoke the Windows Virtual Desktop Manager (Windows 10 only) Improved the way Nexus behaves when the user presses 'Show Desktop'. An Always on Bottom dock is no longer allowed to come forward on mouseover even if 'pop up dock on mouseover' is enabled. Live preview thumbnails of running applications can now range from 64 to 512 pixels. The Theme Browser now displays the name of the theme author, where available. Fixed problem in the Update Manager that could cause downloads to fail randomly with a 'File may be corrupt' error. Various other misc. improvements and bug fixes... [b]Nexus v15.7 complete change log:[/b] Added Romanian language file. On Windows 8/10 Glass Blur settings are now enabled to allow for 3rd party glass blur applications but the blur feature itself is disabled by default. Added new internal command 'Task View' to invoke the Virtual Desktop Manager (Windows 10 only). Windows 10 Metro Apps in the list of running applications now display a customized icon instead of the default system icon. The size of mouseover window preview thumbnails can now range between 64 to 512 pixels. Improved the way the dock behaves when the user presses 'Show Desktop'. The Tip of the Day is no longer displayed when being run for the first time. The default dock now has a 'Show Tip of the Day' icon. The Check for Updates dialog no longer pops up when being run for the first time, and a check for updates is performed immediately in the background. Added new 'Restore Wallpaper' internal command to restore any Windows wallpaper changed when switching to a Winstep theme. Added a 'Restore Wallpaper' internal command icon to the default dock. The balloon tooltip of dock items with thumbnails now also displays the thumbnail. Added new 'Busy' animation to replace the hourglass animation. An Always on Bottom dock is no longer allowed to come forward on mouseover even if 'pop up dock on mouseover' is enabled. The Update Manager Window showing new versions available now appears in the taskbar and can be minimized. The Theme Browser now displays the name of the theme author, where available. Enabling both the Rain Drop effect and the 'Hide Dock at Startup' setting would cause several glitches until the dock was activated for the first time, such as the rain drop audio immediately playing, animated icon reflections being visible and dock activation animation not playing properly for the first time. The application would crash if the user answered No to any of the confirmation dialogs in the Troubleshooting Options dialog. Updated the URL used for displaying 'Detailed Weather conditions' for Weather.com, which was no longer correct. A hidden dock would pop up (but inactive) immediately after exiting a full screen application when using the fade hide animation. On Windows 10 the Winstep service would silently crash when trying to install new fonts and would become unavailable until the next reboot. This caused, among other things, the application to hang for a couple of minutes when running for the first time as it tried to install the default theme fonts. Under Windows 10 the tasklist no longer displays multiple windows for each Metro app or for Metro apps that are no longer visible. Windows 10 apps would always display a black thumbnail in the list of running applications, so we now display an icon instead. Under a clean Windows 10 installation the dock now tries to add a default shortcut to Internet Explorer instead if the default browser is a Windows App. Removed 'Start Flip3D' internal command from Windows 8.x onward since it is no longer available. Under Windows 8 and Windows 10 the Windows Start Button did nothing when clicked on after restoring the visibility of the Windows taskbar. Image thumbnails no longer pop on and off when browsing a network folder on a menu. Fixed the 'Peek Desktop' internal command which wasn't working properly (Windows 7). Thumbnails in Delete File Confirmation dialog are now displayed with the correct aspect ratio. When pinning an application to the dock in which the executable does not have a Version Info block, the executable filename is used instead. Auto-Complete was not working properly on several configuration dialogs. Icons of URL shortcuts were not being resolved properly. Tooltips of pictures or running application preview thumbnails appearing at the very top of the screen would not be visible. A tooltip would not display for the first picture preview thumbnail on a menu. If a picture or running application thumbnail could not change position when switching then the previous thumbnail was not being erased and the thumbnail appeared instantly instead of fading in. The application would sometimes crash when executing certain shell functions (such as 'Set as Desktop Background' for an image item) from a context menu. Fixed issue with the Winstep Update Manager which could cause it to mis-report the size of the file download so far and even terminate with a 'Download may be corrupt' error. [b]Operating System:[/b] Windows 2000, Windows XP 32/64 bit, 2003 Server, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8.x 32/64 bit. 7409461d53baf8ee6fe405f510a7faff.png [b]Buy Premium From My Links To Get Resumable Support,Max Speed & Support Me[/b]
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