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Andras Schiff - Solo Piano Music (2007)

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814150328f8ae2380506fa85ba2d957e.jpg [b]Artist[/b]: Andras Schiff [b]Title Of Album[/b]: Solo Piano Music (Haydn, Handel, Brahms, Reger, Schumann, Smetana) [b]Year Of Release[/b]: 2007 [b]Label[/b]: Warner Classics [b]Genre[/b]: Classical [b]Quality[/b]: Mp3 [b]Bitrate[/b]: 320 kbps [b]Total Time[/b]: 06:58:32 [b]Total Size[/b]: 1,02 Gb [b]Tracklist:[/b] [b]CD1 - Haydn[/b] Piano Sonata No.32 in g-moll (Hob.XVI-44) 01 - I. Moderato 02 - II. Allegretto Piano Sonata No.54 in G-dur (Hob.XVI-40) 03 - I. Allegretto e innocente 04 - II. Presto Piano Sonata No.53 in e-moll (Hob.XVI-34) 05 - I. Presto 06 - II. Adagio 07 - III. Vivace molto Piano Sonata No.58 in C-dur (Hob.XVI-48) 08 - I. Andante con espressione 09 - II. Rondo. Presto Piano Sonata No.33 in c-moll (Hob.XVI-20) 10 - I. Moderato 11 - II. Andante con moto 12 - III. Finale. Allegro [b]CD2 - Haydn[/b] 01.Fantasia in C-dur (Hob.XVII-4) Piano Sonata No.59 in Es-dur (Hob.XVI-49) 02 - I. Allegro 03 - II. Adagio e cantabile 04 - III. Finale. Tempo di Minuet Piano Sonata No.60 in C-dur (Hob.XVI-50) 05 - I. Allegro 06 - II. Adagio 07 - III. Allegro molto Piano Sonata No.61 in D-dur (Hob.XVI-51) 08 - I. Andante 09 - II. Finale. Presto Piano Sonata No.62 in Es-dur (Hob.XVI-52) 10 - I. Allegro 11 - II. Adagio 12 - III. Finale. Presto [b]CD3 - Handel, Brahms, Reger[/b] Handel Suite No.1 in B-dur, HWV 434 01 - I. Prelude 02 - II. Sonata 03 - III. Aria con Variazioni 04 - IV. Menuet Brahms 05.Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel in B-dur, Op.24 Reger 06.Varations and Fugue on a Theme of J.S.Bach in h-moll, Op.81 [b]CD4 - Schumann[/b] 01.Arabeske in C-dur, Op.18 Davidsbundlertanze, Op.6 02 - I. Lebhaft 03 - II. Innig 04 - III. Mit Humor 05 - IV. Ungeduldig 06 - V. Einfach 07 - VI. Sehr rasch 08 - VII. Nicht schnell 09 - VIII. Frisch 10 - IX. Lebhaft 11 - X. Balladenmassig. Sehr rasch 12 - XI. Einfach 13 - XII. Mit Humor 14 - XIII. Wild und lustig 15 - XIV. Zart und singend 16 - XV. Frisch 17 - XVI. Mit gutem Humor 18 - XVII. Wie aus der Ferne 19 - XVIII. Nicht schnell 20.Blumenstuck in Des-dur, Op.19 Etude Symphonique, Op.13 21 - Thema - Andante 22 - Variation 1 - Un poco piu vivo 23 - Variation 2 - Andante 24 - III. Vivace 25 - Variation 3 - Allegro marcato 26 - Variation 4 - Scherzando 27 - Variation 5 - Agitato 28 - Variation 6 - Allegro molto 29 - Variation 7 - Sempre marcatissimo 30 - IX. Presto possibile 31 - Variation 8 - Allegro con energia 32 - Variation 9 - Andante espressivo 33 - Finale - Allegro brillante 34 - Anhang - Variation I 35 - Anhang - Variation II 36 - Anhang - Variation III 37 - Anhang - Variation IV 38 - Anhang - Variation V [b]CD5 - Schumann[/b] Gesange der Fruhe, Op.133 01 - I. Im ruhigen Tempo 02 - II. Belebt, nicht zu rasch 03 - III. Lebhaft 04 - IV. Bewegt 05 - V. Im Anfange ruhiges, im Verlauf bewegtes Tempo Nachtstucke, Op.23 06 - I. Mehr langsam oft zuruckhaltend 07 - II. Markiert und lebhaft 08 - III. Mit grosser Lebhaftigkeit 09 - IV. Einfach Kreisleriana, Op.16 10 - I. Ausserst bewegt 11 - II. Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch 12 - III. Sehr aufgeregt 13 - IV. Sehr langsam 14 - V. Sehr lebhaft 15 - VI. Sehr langsam 16 - VII. Sehr rasch 17 - VIII. Schnell und spielend Variations in Es-dur on an Original Theme, WoO 24 'Ghost Variations' 18 - Thema - Moderato 19 - Variation I 20 - Variation II - In canon form 21 - Variation III - Poco piu mosso 22 - Variation IV 23 - Variation V [b] CD6 - Smetana[/b] 01.Salon Polka in Fis-dur, Op.7 No.1 02.Salon Polka in f-moll, Op.7 No.2 03.Salon Polka in E-dur, Op.7 No.3 04.Poetic Polka in Es-dur, Op.8 No.1 05.Poetic Polka in g-moll, Op.8 No.2 06.Poetic Polka in As-dur, Op.8 No.3 07.Polka in f-moll, B93 08.Polka in A-dur, B94 Memories of Bohemia in the Form of Polkas, Op.12 09 - No.1 in a-moll 10 - No.2 in e-moll 11.Polka in E-dur, B88 12.Polka in g-moll, B89 Memories of Bohemia in the Form of Polkas, Op.13 13 - No.1 in e-moll 14 - No.2 in Es-dur
As so many recording artists have these days, Hungarian pianist András Schiff has been through a huge number of record companies in his career. He started on Hungaroton in the late '70s, then was briefly on Denon in the early '80s. He was with Decca from the mid-'80s through the mid-'90s before moving to Teldec for late '90s. After that, he was without a contract until he signed with ECM -- and this list doesn't count Schiff's one-off recordings on Vox and Orfeo. This six-disc set on Warner Classics contains all Schiff's solo recordings for Teldec: his two discs of Haydn, his two discs of Schumann, his single disc combining variations by Handel, Brahms, and Reger, and his single disc containing all Smetana's Polkas for solo piano. As is always the case with Schiff's recordings, no matter who the composer is, the performances are uniformly superlative and interpretively consistent. 
Schiff is no chameleon: he always sounds just like himself. His tone is clear but warm and full; his technique is clean but never fussy or empty; his interpretations are generous but always tastefully reserved. It's true that his Schumann is more poetic than his Haydn, his Haydn more elegant than his Handel, his Handel more flamboyant than his Brahms, his Brahms more playful than his Reger, his Reger more severe than his Smetana, and his Smetana more melancholy than any other composer this side of Rachmaninov, but it's also true that Schiff always and everywhere sounds like his own sweet-tempered and reasonable self. Aside from the repertoire, the biggest difference between these recordings and earlier and later Schiff recordings is the recording philosophy of the label. Where Decca had Schiff sounding soft-grained and blended, Teldec has him sounding brighter and sharper.
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