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Elite7Hackers - termination of service [Undecided]

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I just wonder, how is it even possible that from that much active members (at least staff team) I got just one vote... I'm disappointed. 
This forum already looks hopeless, with all expenses it cost me, there is very few or none active members, even less than before, so I struggling to see the light at end of this.
It realy looks unworthy to put any more effort and money to run this community, so I'm afraid that I'll have to decide to terminate this community immediately after all already invested money finishes, which will be in around one or two months. 
I was always optimistic, that there will be more users with time, but 1000 days since launch, there is still no noticeable improvements.
Also, lost elite7hackers.us domain have done great damage to this community, and I think at end consequences will become permanent.

I'm afraid that Elite7Hackers is almost dead by now. 
For existing BitefightBot users, there may be launched (but not likely) alternative donations-driven service which will last as long as there are donations..
For donors, I'll run separate service with money they have donated. 

I'll think some more, before final decision, I'll also discuss with @[member='Legenden'].
Maybe someone can convince me to not terminate this service, but it will be difficult since all my hopes are perished. 
I'll never forget great time I had here with all fantastic people I have meet. 

DECISION: Elite7Hackers will live. My consideration to terminate was just nonsense. 

Best regards

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Wow, that is so bad :sad:

In fact if you can afford a free-domain for the forum it will be really better :/ The problem is the link with Bitefight, this game is dead since a long time (2010 nearly)... And so on, people don't play bitefight anymore, so they don't need the bot. And they don't need to pay for it. But your solution was free for them (25 posts is considerated as free :smile:) but nobody come to the forum.. The few members that we have left... Even administrators and moderators left during their engagements...


It will be very sad for us to quit the forum :sad: But if it is a problem of money we will understand. This forum costs money and time, and you don't have both immediatly :/


As you said the forum is nearly dead, why not move it into a free-domain ? Less visitors but at least still exist :smile: No ?

And then I want to thank you for what you bring to me, and to us, because it was good to spend time on that forum. I began with 25 posts and I'm here as a Smod with 425 posts... That make me laugh cause that was no expected but really entertaining :smile:

Edited by Thebestsimon

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I decided to give up from termination. When I gone to deeper thinking, I wasn't able to even imagine termination of this community.
>Yesterday I was just disappointed and I have overreacted. 

However, let's discuss, it's nothing bad :P
Free domain will not bring any traffic, and will kill this forum even more, but domain is not a problem, it cost me around 15-20USD/year, and it's not big deal.
Bigger deal and problem as well is hosting expense which is 10USD/month + 12 months = 120USD / year
But there is far more. 
I use server for both production (forum and services) and development (work), and If I decide to terminate E7H it will cost me 5USD instead of 10USD - not a big deal. Unworthy.

And another more important thing. It's 120USD/year, for God's sake what I was thinking? I nearly earn that amount in one day of full time work....  
Sorry guys, I was just ridiculous yesterday.
It's just difficult to get used to normal life and the fact that I actually can afford things, because I was living 21 year in  poverty.

Elite7Hackers will live. That's a final decision. I'll try to invest some money in advertising, maybe I could bring some traffic.
I paid 10USD to Facebook advertising, it brought around 3000 people to the forum, and just few registrations. 
What this forum really need is to be restructured. There is just something wrong and people don't consider this forum as registration worthy.


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Yes, that is some investment :/

People come for the Bitefight Bot, and people from France, Spain, Italy and others West European country are really poor english speakers... So when they found the forum (not the first result due to the community) they don't want to check because it is not in their language...

But that is an english forum for people from everywhere (Romanian, French, Swedish, Russian :smile:). So yes, maybe a restructuration can bring "interest" :smile: And I hope it will !!!!

I'm happy on this forum, checking everyday the news on it :smile: But if people could come for some reasons (and not the bot) it will be as good as earlier on the forum, in winter last year it was eventful :smile:

We have to keep up the good job and start to think on how to bring people with a reconsideration of the presentation and the terms :smile:

There are a lot of software to download on this forum, maybe we can speak a bit of them ?

Edited by Thebestsimon

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Ah, good that you changed your mind :smile:


I know I have been a bit inactive here and I'm sorry about that. My activity goes in periods everywhere :P It has always been that way for me. I can be very active for a few month, or even a year or so, and suddenly one day i just disappear or my activity goes down a lot, but not for good, but i'm still there. After some time i come back and are active like before.

Not sure why though :/ That just happens :P


Anyway, I have one suggestion that can improve activity in posting stuff in the download sections, but not sure about discussions though.

Advertise in ThemaPoster, a software I use to post the same stuff to multiple forums at once, mostly porn. You can pay $20 and get your forum built in to the programs forum list from the beginning when people buy it. Otherwise, they have to add it manually.

You can also buy ads in the program for a week for $20, not sure how effective that is though, because i never look at those ads.

And you can buy ads in ThemaPosters forum, but i guess that is not as effective because i think most people are using ad blockers :P

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Well, you keep coming back, that matters. :smile:
You, Simon and few others are soul of this forum, if just one leave, everything may perish.

That's sounds interesting, and actually could be of great use.  I should wait to get salary, and then I may consider that as July was very bad, no customers at all, so I will either get very little or nothing.

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