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Apple Motion v5.1.2 Multilingual Mac OSX 15.07.18

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Apple Motion v5.1.2 Multilingual Mac OSX 15.07.18 [center] d63534ecb2464bf525d58a8a3bab58a8.png Apple Motion v5.1.2 Multilingual Mac OSX | 1.57 GB Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish Designed for video editors, Motion 5 lets you customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects. Or create your own dazzling animations in 2D or 3D space, with real-time feedback as you work. Breakthrough Speed and QualityDual-GPU optimizations for superior real-time playback performance and faster rendering on the new Mac Pro 64-bit architecture supports deeper, multilayered effects for use in Final Cut Pro ColorSync-managed color pipeline produces accurate, consistent color across applications Shared Render Engine provides consistent quality with Final Cut Pro and Compressor Rendering uses floating-point, linear-light color space for exceptionally realistic results Editor-Friendly Design ToolsWork fast using a single-window interface with a familiar look and feel Customize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion Create Smart Motion Templates with simple controls for making changes as you edit Build stunning 2D and 3D compositions with more than 1900 Apple-designed elements Make adjustments to any parameter during playback and instantly see results Easy Animated Text and TitlesDesign dramatic text effects with complete control over position, opacity, rotation, and more Animate text instantly by choosing from more than 200 text behaviors such as Type On Build a credit roll by importing a text file; the Scroll behavior optimizes the speed for you Move, scale, or rotate a single character with the Adjust Glyph tool Ripple text one character, word, or line at a time with the Sequence Text behavior Stunning EffectsChoose from more than 230 behaviors for natural-looking motion without programming Enhance your 2D or 3D animations with more than 130 filters using the FxPlug standard Track a moving object in a video clip with the point tracking and match move feature Create an accurate chroma key in a single step with the new Keying filter [b]Buy a premium to download file with fast speed[/b] [b]Rapidgator.net[/b] thanks [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/50fce9927a8844bad09c346d67c8a61f/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part1.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/59df9ca67a616c710f5ec0d07005a8cf/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part2.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/ed757b9f6174867b281fb961e5b32dca/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part3.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/fdbe2a6e106315127b843b3ed5f96f96/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part4.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/7d9e0a6017c61ef90b7207865d4bfd07/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part5.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/e198a32d0933c3577bec822fae9bef49/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part6.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/6530bcffdcc8da69ec30efb26c1dbb2d/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part7.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/6e696170227bc5ed0b3e667e8431f8a2/Apple.Motion.v5.1.2.Mac.OSX.part8.rar.html[/url][/center]

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