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Talent's (Discussion)

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You need to focus on how the game works...

Leveling up will grant you +4 Battle Value. So your battle value is higher but you are definitly NOT stronger. Which also means you will face stronger opponents the longer you level up.

What you want is to up your stats without levelling up (+1 in a stat is +1 in Battle Value). 

Second point is that there still are talents between 220 and 300, and among them there are the best you need. 

You may want to reach them before focusing on your stats.

Anyway, you can't really beat stronger (in battle value) opponent if you do'nt have the opposite equipment, which is not very much possible at low level (like if they are full damage and you lower their chance to hit it is absolutely win).

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Yes i understand that, but thats the problem, i got some nice stats but they don't really help because at level 200 i have to fight people at level 250-300, so they have more attacks and better talents and items so i found myself in a really bad spot. So my question was is it better to just level up to 300 without putting points into stats so at that level i will have around 3100-3200 battle value or i should continue spending my gold into stats to be stronger, because i have done it once and it didn't work so well. Also can you recommend me which is better at level 300 going full damage or -chance ? Thank you :)

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