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Thunder - All The Right Noises (2021) {Japanese Edition}

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Album Preview
2CD | XLD Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 805 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 291 Mb
Full Scans | 00:48:27 + 00:57:35 | RAR 5% Recovery
Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock | BMG / Warner Music Japan Inc. #WPCR-18406/7

British hard-rock heroes, Thunder, release of their 13th studio album 'All The Right Noises' on 12th March 2020. The album is a return to the full-throttle sound of Thunder that has seen them create a hugely successful 30+ year career at the forefront of British rock, all built around the lifelong friendship of vocalist extraordinaire Danny Bowes and songwriting genius and guitarist Luke Morley. 'All The Right Noises' is an intense confection of illicit charms that reasserts their authority as the number one band in the land. Recorded in the months leading up to the first Covid-19 lockdown, it was originally due for release in September 2020. Strange to reflect then on how much of the new material appears to address the challenging new world we now inhabit. On the album, Luke says " All the songs were written and recorded pre-Covid. But it is interesting how if you look at some of the tracks through the prism of Covid they still make a lot of sense." The volcanic lead single from the album, 'Last One Out Turn Off The Lights' could easily be mistaken for world-ending lockdown rage. But, says Luke, "That was directly about Brexit, but you could apply it to everything else." The track is indicative of both the ferocity and message of the album as a whole, with subjects tackled including depression, mental health, and diversity 'All The Right Noises' follows on from 2019's stripped back and reimagined album, 'Please Remain Seated' which continued their consecutive Top 10 UK Album Chart run since their ecstatically received comeback six years ago. It is another chapter in the band's incredibly successful history that has seen them create a succession of some of the most highly-regarded rock albums of the past 30 years. The key to their renown: brilliantly conceived top-drawer material including all-time classics like 'Dirty Love', and 'Love Walked In'. Thunder is the last of the true British rock giants.

Track List CD1:
01. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights [4:15]
02. Destruction [5:02]
03. The Smoking Gun [4:49]
04. Going To Sin City [3:57]
05. Don't Forget To Live Before You Die [4:23]
06. I'll Be The One [4:29]
07. Young Man [5:54]
08. You're Gonna Be My Girl [4:13]
09. St. George's Day [4:04]
10. Force Of Nature [4:07]
11. She's A Millionairess [3:17]

Track List CD2:
01. Firebird [4:14]
02. Hero [4:13]
03. The Fires That Roar [4:24]
04. Pariah [4:37]
05. You're Gonna Be My Girl (Live) [4:26]
06. Destruction (Live) [7:00]
07. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights (Live) [4:26]
08. Don't Forget To Live Before You Die (Live) [4:44]
09. Going To The City (Live) [4:08]
10. I'll Be The One (Live) [4:36]
11. She's A Millionairess (Live) [4:15]
12. Young Man (Live) [6:36]








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