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Linux - why should you use it?

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WARNING: This post contains many misleading informations and should not  be taken seriously in any form. — xZero

Have you ever heard of Linux? No? Well,this means you should read this. Linux is NOT operating system,it's a kernel. What is kernel? It connects our hardware with our software. Linux distributions,or just 'distros' are OS-es combined with Linux kernel. Most popular distros are Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Fedora,openSuse,Arch,Gentoo etc. There are more than 500 distros,but you should use the popular ones (l'll explain later). If you never used Linux before,you should install Linux Mint. It's very user-friendly and everything works out-of-the-box. Installation is easier than on Windows 7. But,before you install any linux distro,you need to know something about partitions. There is no C:/ and there is no D:/. There is / and there is /home. / is where the system and program install,and /home is partition where we put our documents,pictures,movies,etc. You can't use NTFS partition,you need to use ext3/ext4 (most commonly used). Just follow the steps and you'll install it with ease. So,we passed installation part...why should we use it? 1. IT'S OPEN-SOURCE. 2. IT'S FREE 3. IT'S EASY TO USE Aren't these reasons enough? Every distro is different,but also it can be the same. Let's take the most stable distro ever: Debian. It's open-source,so,I'll download the core,make something that I want,and remove what I want,try to make it better and call it "XYZ". It's still debian (it means it's using debian as a base),but there are differences. Example: Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu,but Ubuntu is based on Debian,so,Mint is,in it's base,actually debian,but not so much. Why is this good,to have so many distros? Which one to choose? It's better because software is better and better. How? Example: I make a program,and you take the code and make it better. Your friend takes your code and makes it even more better. And everyone can download the program and use it..and edit the code.. Which distro to choose? For beginners,I recommend Linux Mint 15 (Cinnamon or MATE),openSuse (KDE),Fedora (GNOME Shell) etc. For power users I recommend Arch or Gentoo. User friendly but still very powerfull distro is Manjaro - it's based on Arch. I'll post more later,I am tired now so I can't write quality posts.

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Thanks good article. (sorry for my poor english) My main OS is windows 7, and i use ubuntu only for development. i agree with your reason 1, 2, but i can't agree last 3. 1. IT'S OPEN-SOURCE. 2. IT'S FREE 3. IT'S EASY TO USE I think, for normal user, each linux are different OS. i currently use ubuntu, but i can't use another linux :(

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Nice information mate, It would be great if you can provide information (steps by) for Centos O.S which i need to dual boot along with Windows XP. I have tried earlier but some part (partitioning) in between is confusing, hence not able to finish setup.

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Why a Windows user you should switch to Linux?
Tell me some reasons, differences, and it is better not.

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In fact Linux is a platform designed to code. When Windows is a platform made for everyday use of "normal" people (those who never heard about programming).

On Linux you just have to open a terminal and launch a code by gcc (knowing that some compiler are already installed on it !). On Windows you need to install a software and to download an alternative for "gcc" compiler named minGW for example ;)

That is why you should have a Linux (Ubuntu or Devian for my part) to make your code :)

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Linux is not just for coding...

Linux is...

  • Free
  • Powerful
  • Somewhat less user-friendly (highly depending of distribution)
  • Developers friendly
  • Million times more stable (mostly - well, Debian definitely is) 
  • Faster
  • Million times more secure
  • Completely customizable
  • Open source


While Windows is...

  • Incredibly expensive
  • Ration money:get is very small - You pay much more than you actually get
  • User friendly
  • Developer friendly - Not really, you must be advanced user to prepare it to handle big-guys work
  • Very limited
  • Mostly unstable for any advanced thing
  • Slow as time passes
  • Customizable but limited and with high risk of breaking it
  • Insecure - Billion of malware is out there waiting to have fun on your computer (Linux have very few malware)
  • Sometimes extremely problematic and annoying - How frustrating!
  • Closed source


Also, there is great chance that your windows will become completely unusable after one tiny error.
Linux is usually almost never error free - but still perfectly working. 

And yes, Windows have an very "useful feature" - It will restart it self automatically after some time - But you must understand it - It's required for updating it properly. What are benefits of this feature:

  1. You don't have to restart it yourself
  2. If you play game and you had unsaved progress(eg. 15 minutes) - you'll have to pass all unsaved again after reboot because Windows don't care that you played game in moment when he decided to reboot your PC
  3. If you have worked on something and leaved computer for some little time, just to go-to-toilet-make-coffee-whatever, and you didn''t saved your progress before you left, there is great chance that you'r find your hard-work lost because Windows decided to restart it-self without care about you

But Windows is just software, and your PC a machine, it doesn't have feelings, it can't care, it just do what it is programmed for.

Windows vs Linux boot problems:

- Many errors occurs, even critical ones, but hey, it still breathing!

I am long term Linux user and total impracticability by boot-up error occurred just once, and that was "Kernel panic",,,

- One error occurred - cannot boot, great risk for data loss and must-reinstall mode

While I was on Windows, total impracticability happened infinite times.

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I think that companies seeking programmers working on the Windows OS is more sued for what they have told me, then use Linux would not be a very viable option ..
And windows have better IDE's to work, such as C that you can use the MonoDev under Linux, of course it's free but windows has an excellent IDE which is the VS, the license is not free but worth spending money on it ..
It is my little opinion, if I'm wrong please correct me some things!
Again thank you for your extensive and excellent answer!

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Linux is the best. If you have an older machine that windows seems to bog down on, install Linux. It will breathe new life into an older box. IT'S FREE. MOST AWESOME SOFTWARE FOR IT IS FREE! I've not had 1 problem that I couldn't work through compared to windows and their frigging patch Tuesday. Has anybody seen the amount of telemetry and data collection windows 10 does? Scary. I thought Google stored a lot of your data.. Read the article below. New skylake processors will only run Windows 10.


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Why do we need guidelines?

Our values should be evident wherever Ubuntu is encountered, whether online or via traditional marketing material. If we follow these guidelines consistently, the brand will grow strong enough to attract people, encouraging them to look even more positively on the product itself.

These guidelines provide everything you need to create professional communication 
materials that will build the Ubuntu brand. To help ensure the continued success of Ubuntu, please use them.

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I know nothing about Linux, but they say that it is needed for servers. Why say that?

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