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Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums DVDR.01-02 GiGA-AI

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Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums DVDR 01-02 GiGA-AI
D01 - 2.97 GB / D02 - 3.18 GB

The "Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums" library consists of 169 .GIG files and over 1,380 GigaStudio Instrument (.GSI) kits, there are over 8330 different samples totaling over 7 gigabytes of material. In addition users who register this product will receive an additional 35 drum kits.

There are also 13 new GigaPulse multi-placment rooms. Each of these rooms has 18 different player locations & can output your drum performance in either 2, 5 or 7 channels for stereo or surround use. Each of the 13 rooms is comprised of 126 unique impulses with a total of 1638 impulses in the GigaPulse native format. Additionally, Larry has also taken the time to include midi loops (1,444 to be exact) for use with this library. Unlike other "audio-loop" libraries your loops will not degrade with tempo changes and because these midi loops are triggering a deeply multi-sampled library. A simple wave of the "velocity wand" in your sequencer offers a very realistic human variation to these drum performances.
The drums are mapped in both a General MIDI (GM) l ayout and an Optimal/Expanded (EX) keyboard layout unique to this library. The library was designed to take full advantage of GigaStudio 3.0's 'stacked instrument' feature, which allows the user to combine multiple instruments, comprising a kit, on a single MIDI channel.When appropriate,the GigaStudio 3.0 iMidi 'round robin' mapping feature is employed to avoid sample redundancy during rapid playing.All raw drum sound samples were recorded 24bit stereo and have been left untreated beyond the microphones and preamps that were used in their original capture.

home page

Download link:]p3g6z.362GD1.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part5.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part5.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part5.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part5.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD1.part5.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part1.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part2.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part3.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part4.rar]p3g6z.362GD2.part5.rar

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