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NUMECA FINE�Turbo 10.2 Windows/linux x64 [2016, ENG] 16107

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NUMECA FINE�Turbo 10.2 Windows/linux x64 [2016, ENG] 16107


NUMECA FINE�Turbo 10.2 Windows/linux x64 [2016, ENG]
Size: 2.9 GB Type: Software

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 10.2
Developer: Numeca International Inc.
Bit depth: 64bit
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Compatible with Windows 7 full time
Compatible with Windows 8: full
Language: English

Medicine: Present (TeAM SOlidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: multiprocessor, multicore PCs with 512MB or more of RAM, 1.36 GB of free space on hard drive for software installation
FINE / Turbo program - the first in the world of current CAE software package (PC) high-level, focused on solution of specialized problems turbomachinery CFD and turbomachinery.
the complex structure of FINE / Turbo:
AutoBlade: parametric oscillator blade rows;
AutoGrid: parametric block structured grid generator for automatic blade machines;
IGG: block structured grid generator for an arbitrary geometry;
Euranus: structured 3D solver of the Navier-Stokes equations;
CFView: postprocessor.
AutoBlade - parametric oscillator blade rows, allows the engineer to quickly create and instantly upgrade the running of the turbomachine, while working in terms of turbomachinery (chord entry angles, output, throat, etc...).
AutoGrid - automatic block-structured grid generator, is inextricably linked to AutoBlade.
This connection allows you to parameterize not only the geometric and grid model, which in turn makes it possible to build a PC NUMECA in overall enterprise system design. AutoGrid can create parametric grid pattern blades with all the features - blowing cooling air shroud clearances, etc.
Euranus - billing module (solver). By virtue of a structured approach and multigrid options (sub-grid) solution obtained in 3-5 times faster than any other purpose CFD package. This requires 2.3 times less memory.
Unique NUMECA solutions for joint calculation of mobile and fixed settlement areas is aimed at getting a quick solution for a non-stationary multi-stage machines with distinct periodic boundaries. In particular it is possible to explore the Clocking Effect.
Also become traditional for the joint calculations of the rotor and stator methods:
Mixing Plane (Surface Melting Pot)
Frozen Rotor ( �Stopped" Rotor)
Implemented as unique for universal PC CFD methods:
Domain Scaling Method (Scale Method)
Phase Lagged Method (Generic space-time periodic boundary conditions)
As well as a unique method for CFD approaches:
Non Linear Harmonic (nonlinear harmonic analysis method)
This approach is used for quick, accurate solution for a non-stationary multistage turbomachinery.
Simplified methods of analysis of the flow in the flow of the �Throughflow Model� and �Blade to Blade Module� are used for rapid assessment of the quality of the flow in the blade rows and distribution of flow parameters at the height of the blade.
Unique specialized module to create a block-structured grids makes it possible to create parametric models of blades with all the features - blowing cooling air shroud, clearances, etc. ....
IGG - block structured grid generator for an arbitrary geometry. Powerful and easy to use environment for building high-quality discrete models. Implemented algorithms are highly smoothing multi-block grids. Custom scripting system greatly simplifies and automates the generation of networks for common elements.
CFView - a powerful visualization platform solutions, provides a full range of options for displaying the qualitative and quantitative 2D / 3D performance calculations.
Areas of use:
PC FINE / TurboTM - used to solve practical problems of fluid dynamics in the design and optimization of all types of blade machines (turbomachines): multi-axial, radial and mixed compressors, turbines, pumps, fans and propellers, as well as snails, diffusers, heat exchangers and exhaust systems.


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