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digiKam.5.2.0 (x86x64)

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digiKam 5.2.0 (x86/x64) | 142 Mb / 143 Mb
digiKam is an application especially tailored for those who want to improve the way they store and manage their photos. With it, you are able to import pictures from your computer or a digital device and organize them into collections. Its also possible to to view the photos and enhance their features using various tools. Moreover, you can add them to slideshows, create calendars and share them on social-media or photography websites.

digiKam displays a slick, well designed interface which is easy to navigate and should take you only a couple of minutes to get used to. It offers you the means to organize your photos into albums which you can customize in terms of title, category, caption and date.

Once the images are added to the album, you can view them in thumbnail or preview modes and access information regarding metadata, colors, tags and captions. If you're a photographer, it's easy to understand why having a good tagging solution is crucial. It helps you manage files easier without having to go to large extents. digiKam offers you an improved tagging feature that besides titles and cations enables you to add face tags, making it very easy to lookup images with a certain model.

digiKam also comes with a powerful image editor that allows you to improve the look and quality of the photos you have. It provides tools for color adjustment and correction, restoration, painting, noise reduction, cropping, resizing, decorating and you can also add various artistic effects. All of them are made to be intuitive and user-friendly.

If you're the type of user that shares photos online, then you'll have a really big smile on your face when you see just how many exporting possibilities digiKam provides you. You are able to upload images to 23, Flickr, PicasaWeb, SmugMug, Facebook and many more.

With the above to consider and much more to discover about digiKam, it's safe to say that it can certainly offer everything you need to keep an impecable photo collection.


Over 1200 digital camera devices supported
Serial connection
USB connection
USB/IEEE Mass storage connection
Connecting autodetection of camera using HAL/KDE service

Importing pictures from digital still cameras. Operations currently supported are:
Deleting images
Uploading images
Lock images
Auto-rename pictures during import
Auto-rotate pictures during import
Auto-creation of albums during import
LossLess conversion during import
Advanced camera information

Support of more 300 proprietary RAW camera file formats
Easy comparing similar pictures using Light Table:
Files displayed side by side
Synchronized panning and zooming
Navigation by pair
Raw files support
digiKam core, image editor and image filters support 16 bits color depth pictures (RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000)
Fast preview pictures mode embedded into albums interface with zoom and panning features

Export to HTML, Export to Flash, 23, Flickr, PicasaWeb, SmugMug, Piwigo
Import From/Export to FaceBook, Shwup
Export to Zooomr, Gallery powered websites, KML, local directory or remote computer using KIO protocols (ftp, ssh, smb, fish, svn, tar)
Send pictures by email

Calendar creation wizard
Print wizard
Create slideshow


Fast image editor with keyboard shortcuts and basic photo editing/management features without losing metadata. Features available in Image editor are:
16 bits image color depth support.
RAW camera image support.
Histogram viewer
Color Management support.
ICC profiles tool to perform advanced color corrections into images
ICC profile viewer
Exporting to another image format
Removing images from current Album
Image comments editing
Image file properties
EXIF/MakerNote/IPTC/GPS viewer
Printing images
Red eyes correction
Brightness / Contrast / Gamma correction
Hue / Saturation / Luminosity correction
Color balance
Invert colors
Color auto-correction tools: Normalize / Equalize / Auto levels / Stretch Contrast
Blur / Sharpen
Ratio-cropping with proportion aids and composing tools based on Fibonacci rules
Free cropping
Black and White and tonality converter using curves adjustments

digiKam image editor uses a plugins architecture to add new features:
Adjust levels: a tool to adjust the photograph histogram levels manually
Adjust curves: a tool to adjust the photograph colors using curves
Noise Reduction: noise filter based on wavelet algorithm
Liquid Rescale: content aware resizing to change ratio of a picture while keeping the content intact
Local Contrast: a pseudo HDR-tonemapping tool to recover highlights and shadows while keeping local contrast
Unsharp Mask: a photograph unsharp mask filter to unblur picture without increase noise
Lens Distortion: a tool for correct lens spherical aberration on photograph
Add Border: a tool to add decorative frame around a photograph
Hot Pixels Correction: a tool to remove photograph hot pixels generated by a deficient camera
Channel Mixer: a tool to mix the photograph color channels
White Balance: a tool to adjust white color temperature balance of photograph
Photograph Inpainting: a tool to remove unwanted photograph area using CImg library
Photograph Refocus: a sharpness editor to refocus a photograph
Distortion FX: apply distortion special effects on photograph
Free Rotation: a plugin to rotate a photograph with a free angle in degrees
Shear Tool: a plugin to shear a photograph horizontally and vertically
Perspective Tool: a plugin to adjust the photograph perspective
Blowup Photograph: a plugin to blowup a photograph without less image quality using CImg library
Photograph Restoration: a tool to reduce photograph artifacts using CImg library
Template Superimpose: a tool to superimpose a template on photograph
Insert Text: a tool to insert text under a photograph
Apply Texture: a tool to apply a decorative texture to a photograph
Solarize: a tool to solarize a photograph
Oil Paint: simulate oil painting on photograph
Vignetting: a tool for removing or adding vignetting on photograph
Emboss: an effect filter to emboss photograph
Charcoal: simulate charcoal drawing on photograph
Film Grain: simulate film grain on photograph
Infrared: simulate infrared film effect on photograph
Blur FX: apply blurring special effects on photograph
Rain Drops: adding the visual effect of raindrops on photograph


Download link:





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