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Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise vX.2

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Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2 | 20.1 Gb

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the first phase of the new Xpedition printed circuit design (PCB) flow to address the increasing complexity of today's advanced systems designs. The increasing densities of electronics products are forcing companies to develop highly compact system designs with more functionality, and at lower costs.

To efficiently manage the density and performance requirements for advanced PCB systems, the new Xpedition flow provides advanced technologies to enable design and verification of 3D rigid-flex structures, and to automate layout of high-speed topologies with advanced constraints.
Managing Advanced Rigid Flex Design Complexity
Flex and rigid-flex PCBs are now found in all types of electronics products, from small consumer devices to aerospace, defense and automotive electronics where high reliability and safety are critical. The Xpedition rigid-flex technology enables a streamlined design process from initial stack-up creation through manufacturing.
Engineers can design complex rigid and flex PCBs in a fully supported 3D environment (3D design and verification-not just a 3D view), resulting in a correct-by-construction methodology for optimum reliability and product quality. 3D verification ensures that bends are in the right position, and elements on the board do not interfere with folding; this can be reviewed early in the design stage to prevent costly redesigns. Users can then export a 3D solid model to MCAD for efficient bi-directional PCB-enclosure co-design.
Integration with Mentor's leading HyperLynx high-speed analysis technology enables optimization of signal and power integrity across complex rigid-flex stack-up structures. For fabrication preparation, the Xpedition flow provides all flex and rigid information using the ODB++ common data format. This methodology eliminates data ambiguities by clearly communicating the finished board intent to the fabricator. The new Xpedition flow is the optimum solution designed specifically for flex and rigid-flex design, from conception through fabrication output.
For efficient rigid-flex development, key features and capabilities include:
- Definition of the rigid-flex stack-up with unique outlines for each region, enabling simpler design changes than stack-up by zone. Standard flex materials (e.g. laminates, 'embedded' or 'bikini' cover layers, stiffeners, adhesives, etc.) can be included in the stack-up.
- Full support of flex bends to manage where and how the PCB bends, including parts placement on flex layers, flex routing, plane shape fills, tear drops and trace drops. Once bends are defined, the design can be viewed and validated in 3D to ensure there are no collisions.
- Powerful user interface with intuitive and simple selection controls to properly manage the design.
- Electrical rule checking (ERC) using a customizable local rules checker and a comprehensive set of post-design checks for first-pass success.
- Flex-aware signal and power integrity analysis, enabling accurate modeling of interconnect as it passes through different stack-up regions.
- Design for manufacturing (DFM) validation and new product introduction (NPI) tools to ensure seamless PCB design to fabrication management and efficiency.
Automated Layout for High-Speed Designs
The new Xpedition release also features advanced layout automation to address increasing complexity in high-speed designs and emerging guidelines for high-end computing chip-sets. The following key functionality helps optimize designs for performance:
- Tabbed routing, an interconnect geometry used to minimize crosstalk and impedance discontinuities, can be created and modified on high-speed traces.
- Designers can create and modify a routing strategy with sketch plans that define a path for trunks of nets, including trace shielding.
- Enhanced tuning enables better feedback and control during interactive editing to achieve high-speed constraints.
- Nets which require back drilling can be defined in layout and output for manufacturing.
- Engineers can import Polar stack-ups and layer mapping directly into the constraint manager to simplify design start-up.
- A new user interface enables review of all design rule checks in the design for quick identification and resolution of electrical and manufacturing design violations.
Xpedition Enterprise Flow - X-ENTP VX.2 for Linux 32bit
Xpedition Enterprise Flow - X-ENTP VX.2 for Linux 64bit
Mentor xDM 3D Libray for Linux 64bit
Xpedition Enterprise Flow (Documentation) X-ENTP VX.2 for Linux
Xpedition Enterprise Flow xSC System Cable
Xpedition Enterprise Flow - X-ENTP VX.2 for Windows 32bit
Xpedition Enterprise Flow - X-ENTP VX.2 for Windows 64bit
Mentor xDM 3D Library for Windows 64bit
Xpedition Enterprise Flow (Documentation) X-ENTP VX.2 for Windows
Xpedition XENTP Library Rev.1a
About Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovative products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design. Mentor Graphics has the broadest industry portfolio of best-in-class products and is the only EDA company with an embedded software solution.
Name: Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise
Version: VX.2 with Documentation and Library
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Interface: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or above / Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS6/WS7 or SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 (SLES 11.2 - 11.3)
Size: 20.1 Gb

Download link:]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part12.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part12.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Linux.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part01.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part02.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part03.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part04.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part05.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part06.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part07.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part08.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part09.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part10.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part11.rar]8ct95.orMGraXpEnVX2Windows.part12.rar

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