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Official CloudFlare Resolver

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Official CloudFlare Resolver

Based on our own API.

Succes rate: 60% in "Normal" and 83% in "Insane" mode.

What CloudFlare Resolver does:

Reveals IP address of host protected by CloudFlare. As you probablly known, if you try to get IP address of host protected by CloudFlare, you will get IP address of one of CloudFlare servers, so you can't DDoS. This resolver gives you real IP Address.

Link to Resolver: http://apps.elite7hackers.net/app.php?id=CloudFlareResolver

You can't use this application if you don't meet requirements: http://apps.elite7hackers.net/apps/CloudFlareResolver/?help

All what you need to known is on that link.

Enjoy :dribble:

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Nobody told me that the application is throwing an error and not working, so I didn't fix it because I didn't know. Please, If you see anything not working, tell me, so I can fix it. Cloud flare resolver works now, the error is fixed.

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Wow does this really work? I want to try it, just to see if cloudflare is even worth wasting money on. If it works i am not using 1 cent on cloud flare Does it work on even paid plans? Wow. How does it work exactly? I really wish I could try it, too bad i dont have the post count, rep requirement.

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CloudFlare is very secure network and there is no visible vurnaebilites for resolving IP address of remote server. Maybe spoofing their name servers, but it will end likely without results.

My resolver have two lists of subdomains, one is normal with about 9000 subdomains, and another is advanced (Insane mode) with more than 30000 subdomains for testing.

So basically, it does eg.


and much, much, much more.

...and so on, it test each subdomain (resolves IP) from the list until it find any IP which doesn't belongs to Cloudflare network. . Then lists all matching subdomains + IP-s. Resolved IP may or may not belong to real server, so the good way is to not close direct subdomain, but set an fake IP on it, so attacker may think he/she finally found your IP, and starts DDoS on it, but he/she will end with a bunch of wasted time (booter time and points too if he use booter) and traffic.

Good pactice: if for some case you really need an domain with direct access (cpanel or applications which needs http://www.domai.tld:10515 (port)), then use some name like password, let the subdomain be mix of alphanumeric random string eg. VgW3A8t8FOrlGmUG.domain.tld

So probably, there will no way to break it (it's like strong password, hard to bruteforce or guess)

For these subdomains you can use our alphanumeric random generator: http://apps.elite7hackers.net/apps/GenerateMixedChars/

One tip more: it doesn't matter if you are using CloudFlare free or CloudFlare premium, your IP is unresolveable in both ways.

Only advantage CoudFlare Premium have is better optimization, customizations and SSL support, so you may or may not buy CloudFlare premium, it's all up to your needs.

Good luck

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