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CodeSchool -The Magical Marvels of MongoDB

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CodeSchool - The Magical Marvels of MongoDB
MP4 | AVC 1519kbps | English | 1280x720 | 24fps | 1hour | AAC stereo 95kbps | 724 MB
Genre: Video Training

MongoDB acts as the database that stores data for your application. Explore the basics and learn to store data in a document-oriented database.

Level 1 The Magical Marvels of MongoDB Completion Badge
Conjuring MongoDB 2 Videos | 8 Challenges
Capture the mystical basics of MongoDB and try your hand at inserting and finding documents.
Level 2 The Magical Marvels of MongoDB Completion Badge
Mystical Modifications 2 Videos | 12 Challenges
Learn the lore behind performing updates and transform your data.
Level 3 The Magical Marvels of MongoDB Completion Badge
Materializing Potions 2 Videos | 11 Challenges
Dig deep into the spell book to learn how to conjure and customize queries.
Level 4 The Magical Marvels of MongoDB Completion Badge
Morphing Models 2 Videos | 11 Challenges
Summon the wisdom to guide you in your journey of modeling data.
Level 5 The Magical Marvels of MongoDB Completion Badge
Aggregation Apparitions 2 Videos | 8 Challenges
Explore the realm of aggregations to see how data can be combined in miraculous ways.




Download link:]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part1.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part2.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part3.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part4.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part5.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part6.rar.html]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part1.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part2.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part3.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part4.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part5.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part6.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part1.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part2.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part3.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part4.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part5.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part6.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part1.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part2.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part3.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part4.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part5.rar]6wcep.CodeSchool..The.Magical.Marvels.of.MongoDB.part6.rar

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