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AirSlax 5.9.Pro

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AirSlax 5.9 Pro | 507,93 Mb
This program is designed to scan and further use of Wi-Fi networks. It features: when running scans all available channels ether, finds and catches the purpose disables client and analyzing data, selects a password, stores the results. Moreover, the utility gives you the ability to hack into the network with both encryption methods - WEP and WPA. In addition able to find the access point authentication WPS Protocol and to pick up the Pin. This version is actually a Live USB/CD with the operating system on an entry for the kernel.

The program menu is simple enough:
1. Scan ether
Selecting this menu item, scan the available Wi-Fi networks and clients connected to them.
2. Target
Here you can choose a target to attack from a list of networks obtained previously.
3. The interception target
Are intercepted packets coming from/to the selected Wi-Fi network. You must wait for the appearance of handshakes in the top right corner to see the message "WPA HANDSHAKE". This window should not close when you need to perform the following paragraph.
4. Disable client
Disconnecting the client is to receive handshakes, as it is transmitted only when connected to Wi-Fi network. Therefore, disabling the client and must be running item 3 menu - Catching goal.
5. Selection of WPA password
After handshakes caught, you can proceed with the selection of the password dictionary. A small dictionary is already in the program, and to connect new, you must copy them to the directory slaxdict on the flashdrive.
6. Save the result
You can save the results of interception, to work with him further. The results are stored in the directory slaxchangesdumpresult. The file name is formed from the name of the Wi-Fi network and has the extension .cab.
7. Password WEP
Hacking WEPшифрования Wi-Fi network. Before running this option, you must complete three of the first menu item and left the Interception run. Hacking takes about 10 minutes.
8. Scan WPS
Scanning Wi-Fi networks with the authorization of the WPS Protocol.
9. Selection PIN WPS
Selection pin WPS takes quite a considerable amount of time - from several hours to several days. Nevertheless, revealed passwords of any complexity.
10. AUTOFIT and interception
This function scans and crack Wi-Fi networks automatically, but it is not necessary to abuse her, as she much litter in the air.

Features AirSlax 5.9 PRO:
- Interception and selection of WiFi networks passwords to all encryption types.
- Start with a USB Flash - The operating system installed on your computer is irrelevant and is completely safe, because All data and changes are recorded on a flash drive.
- Support for a large number of WiFi adapters for the interception.
- Using the power of the graphics card for the selection of WPA / WPA2 passwords that can speed up the selection of tens and hundreds of times.

GPU Support:
password selection with graphics cards:

Installing AirSlax 5.9 PRO:
- Copy to USB flash drive (USB Flash) contents of the folder AirSlax 5.9 PRORepack.
- Go to the folder boot and run the installation program (there are versions for Windows and Linux).
- Boot from USB drive.

What's New:
- Added automatic selection item Pixie WPS.
- Updates the password interception and selection of programs:
aircrack-ng - 2853 (increased by 10-15%, the speed of password guessing)
pixiewps - 54
reaver - 107
- Added item (p.10.4, 10.5) automatic selection Pixie WPS - automatic scanning and checking all available points of support WPS protocol.


Download link:





Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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