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Dear members, finally, we decided to refresh our theme. Decision was brought based on multiple factors, primarily because of technical needs as old one is not compatible with a new platform version, but also because you all asked for a darker theme.
Here you go!

Please head here if you want to vote https://www.elite7hackers.net/topic/411861-the-new-theme/


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Reallusion iClone Pro 6.0.1218.1 (x64) + Bonus (Resource) Pack :April/23/2015

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Reallusion iClone Pro 6.0.1218.1 (x64) + Bonus (Resource) Pack :April/23/2015 [center] ecd2a571539041c8c61b7caa2308ccb7.jpg Reallusion iClone Pro 6.0.1218.1 (x64) + Bonus (Resource) Pack | 1.68 GB iClone 6 is real-time 3D animation for digital actors, virtual environments, visual effects with drag & drop editing, powerful physics and easy plug-in compatibility, designed for creativity in storytelling and broadcast production, education & previzualization. Professionals and beginners can take advantage of tons of pre-made content and smart interactivity between actors and environment that make animation fun and intuitive. Easily create & customize, direct actors, props, scenes, vehicles, lighting, cameras and dynamic material channel settings, all with stunning ultra-realistic rendering. Real-time Production - Director-oriented layout: Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX. - Intuitive dockable UI with various workspace adjustments. - Scenes are built with drag-n-drop with convenient in-screen editing. - Optimized Content Manager with quick search, content pack view, folder creation, and online inventory. - Timeline enhancements with dope sheet, multi-track editing, and zoom view. Appealing Characters - Brand new one-mesh, morph-based G6 characters with enhanced facial details and textures. - Collision shape editing for interacting with physics enabled objects. - Multiple character styles for human and non-human types. - Outfit switching with verstile styles for outfits, hair, and accessories. - Photo-to-3D actor creation. Authentic Motions - Facial animation with advanced puppeteering, auto lip-syncing, and motion key editing. - HumanIK body animation control and motion layer editing. - Instant performances with Persona characteristics (personality & emotion). - With Look-at camera and path motion constraints. Modular Stage - House and Interior elements for detailed scene setups. - Natural world system: Terrain, sky, water, grass and tree. - Sky Tool: Interactive sun, moon, sky and cloud generator. - New SpeedTree technology with natural wind and visual improvements. Camera & Light - A free-to-drag & duplicate light prop system with dimmer and flash control. - Multiple camera systems with live switch and mini viewport. - Camera lens options with DOF range settings. - Advanced soft shadow effects. Visual Effects - Real-time Surface Smoothing resulting in detailed surface appearances for low-poly objects. - Toon Shader and key-able Post Effects. - HDR, IBL, and AO for enhanced atmospheres. - Real-time particle emitter controls for smoke, fire, and explosion effects. Dynamic Material - Multi-texture channel for realistic visual appearances. - 3D-to-video composition effects by feeding in video textures into selected channels. - Dynamically change material looks or animate building materials. - Compatible with hundreds of Substance material libraries. - Add real-time geometry details to any model by using the new Tessellation technology. Physics Simulation - Easily define smooth cloth transitions with grayscale maps. - Apply natural wind behaviors to skirts and hair. - Design sophisticated physics structure with the Visual Constraint tools. - Add Rotational and Directional Forces to physically animate objects. Render & Output - Quickly switch real-time render modes for optimal visual and editing performance. - Export Image Sequences with Alpha Channels for video composition. - Supports major image and video formats up to 4K (Super HD). - Super Sampling output for flicker-free visual quality. - Ultra-realistic rendering with the Indigo Ray-tracing Plug-in. Minimum System Requirements: - Dual core CPU or higher - 4GB RAM - 5GB free hard disk space - Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 - Color Depth: True Color (32-bit) - Graphics Card: NVidia Geforce GTX 400 Series/ AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series - Video Memory: 1GB RAM Recommended System Requirements: - Intel i5 dual core core CPU or higher - 8GB RAM or higher recommended - 10GB free hard disk space or higher recommended - Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080or higher or higher - Graphics Card: NVidia Geforce GTX 600 Series/ AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series or higher - Video Memory: 2GB RAM or higher recommended - Video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 recommended for optimized visual performance Additional Requirements: - Sound card / keyboard / Speaker - 3-button mouse - DirectX 11 (iClone 6 for DirectX 9 will be available in Feb. 2015. What's the difference?) - Internet connection required for online activation - Stereo devices and player are required for viewing contents with stereo vision Operating System: - Windows 8 / Windows 7 (With Service Pack 1 ) - Support for 64-bit operating system only. Home Page - http://www.reallusion.com/ [b]Buy a premium to download file with fast speed[/b] [b]Rapidgator.net[/b] thanks [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/4a8a3b491e276cefbc141bc14249d1e6/l5pqy.Reallusion.iClone.Pro.6.0.1218.1.x64.part1.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/90f9f759a62868fa152c4c0026b6dc9f/l5pqy.Reallusion.iClone.Pro.6.0.1218.1.x64.part2.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/1a163ce7229625acdd7a3c56b270e22a/l5pqy.Reallusion.iClone.Pro.6.0.1218.1.x64.part3.rar.html[/url] [url]http://rapidgator.net/file/7a40f2901551ea384e623b70a8d71b67/l5pqy.Reallusion.iClone.Pro.6.0.1218.1.x64.part4.rar.html[/url] [/center]

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