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Items which i received from fountain

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Deathly Star
Deathly Star
(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Valoarea de revânzare: 343.914aur

Forță: +14
Apărare: +14
Dexteritate: +14
Rezistentă: +14
Carisma: +14

Cerinte: nivel 128 


first item , from lvl 1 to lvl  206 (today) :))))


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Ghaif I
Ghaif I 
(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Apărare: +64
Dexteritate: +96

Preţ: 14.806.532aur 
Valoarea de revânzare: 3.701.633aur 
Cerinte: nivel 345

finnaly :)))

on sv when i found this , last item i found on 21.09.2016

so , 1 month :))))

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you will find something very good :)))

just wait and play 


but i think , chance to found one item , are more if you use erixir energy +80 action points , 

if you use 4/day , you have 320 ac.point , , +10 from potion , and 96 ap (if you use shadow accont) on regeneration

so , you have more chance to find someting if you play like this



or if you are on speed sv , when you can use enery elixir on 1h30min , you have more chance L:))))

but in finnaly is just luck :)))

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Finally, an item worth mentionin' !

Cameo Ferrox I
Cameo Ferrox I 
(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Forță: +95
Apărare: +95
Dexteritate: +95
Rezistentă: +95
Carisma: +95

Preţ: 262.488.744aur 
Valoarea de revânzare: 65.622.186aur 
Cerinte: nivel 1340

And no I'm not that lucky, it came that close to the last one because I'm using elixires.

Another thing: I got the jule after a long time with no potions what so ever and the gloves after a whole lot shorter time with some AP vials on board , the difference in the items value is astonishing, more than double almost triple ! :))

With that I raise my case! :))


Edited by Nimrod
forgot to ad something

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On 27/06/2016 at 11:08 AM, Thebestsimon said:

Finally after 3 or 4 months:

Svinferin II
(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))

Prix (achat): 20.908.634pièces d`or

Force: +114
Endurance: +171

Prérequis : niveau 710 

Useless but..

OMG look at this guys, it has been EXACTLY 4 months since I got my last item!! It was on the 27 of June, and here we are it is the 27 of October (still, I'm in Canada ^^)! And here we are for one of the best item so far:

Orèche II
stern.png stern.png

Orèche II
(Votre inventaire: 1 Objet(s))

Prix (achat): 36.934.785pièces d`or

Dégâts primaires: +41
Dégâts supp.: +193

Prérequis : niveau 900 

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