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Items which i received from fountain

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As the title says, lets post here the item we get from the fountain.


I'll start. This one is the most recent one, 2 or 3 days ago :D

Hexxen I
Resale price: 6.816.161

Defense: +78
Dexterity: +118

Level 445

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I got a lot of items from the fountain,but here are some exemples:


Svinferin I
(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Valoarea de revânzare: 5.121.217aur

Forță: +71
Rezistentă: +107

Cerinte: nivel 395 


Furios II
(Inventariul tău: 1 obiect(e))

Valoarea de revânzare: 18.192.850aur

Forță: +163
Dexteritate: +109

Cerinte: nivel 670 

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On 4/24/2016, 2:43:01, jayman2010 said:

did u get items in forest or mountain?

how should i know where i got them if i'm using bot? :)) I just refresh my main page and see if i got something or not, from the fountain :D


P.S. Here's another one i just got...i don't know if it is true, but i think that the chance of getting an item from the fountain is a bit higher if you already have at lest one item that you got from the fountain...at least this is how it goes for me...in one month i got 4 items :P

Yogloth I
Valoarea de revânzare: 5.278.090aur

Sansa de Lovitura (pe oponent): -8
Șansa de a lovi bonus: +27

Cerinte: nivel 400 


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