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Due to recent DDoS attacks to our community, we were forced to temporarily harden security measures for controlling site access.
That means that unfortunately, even legitimate visitors, will have to pass strict browser and background screening check upon accessing the website.

No exceptions. We will lift this when air is clear, for now it stays.  

Apologizes for inconvenience, Elite7Hackers Staff

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Special rules: High-Quality content enforcement

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Special rules extend but also might override certain core rules

Following rules applies for all new topics with target to contribute the community. One example is our Download Center.
Our members with Supplier rank are NOT exempt of these rules. 

  1. Topic title should be short, yet readable and easy to understand.
  2. No click-baits! All posts MUST deliver what they promise accordingly to the title.
  3. Posts must be in language accordingly to our core rules, unless section allows other languages. 
  4. Posted links must NOT be commercial, unless clearly stated in the title and/or post. 
  5. Posted links must NOT lead to dead ends, loops, or malicious websites, unless clearly stated in the title and/or post. 
  6. Posted links must be visible/accessible for general public without no special requirements on target website. Eg. breach of this rule is download links that require premium membership on target website. 
  7. Exempt for rule 6, applies only if CLEARLY stated and instructed in the topic title and/or post. 
  8. Staff judgement is determinant, even if post might not directly breach guidelines above. 


For Suppliers:
- Third warning leads to loss of the rank
- Sixth-Ninth warning(s) leads to account suspension or temporary ban. 
- Anything outside these boundaries leads to permanent ban. 

For Everyone: 
- Old posts are not exempt of this action. We're going to automate removal of such. 

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