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After working around the clock to optimize our database instances that were causing severe performance degradation and downtime, we finally got it to run smooth and stable.
Since changes done are major, it is of utmost importance to report here, any errors you might notice. Take screenshot if possible. 

Apologizes for inconvenience, Elite7Hackers Staff

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Found 11 results

  1. We now have official app on android, however app is not on play store yet, so you can only download .apk file directly and install it afterwards. For installation you will have to follow instructions provided on download link. Download The download of this application is no longer available Soon on play store! Application was powered by AppsGeyser.
  2. I'm glad to finally release Elite7Hackers Network status pages. Those are hosted on independent server, data-center and even country, so not affected by service disruptions here. Pages where you will be able to see, past incidents, current incidents, and maintenance announcements, and the best of all, you will be able to subscribe to receive notifications through Atom/RSS channels. Elite7Hackers Network Status pages are available here: https://status.elite7hackers.net/ Best regards
  3. Hi buddies !   Tomorrow i'm going to spain for 15 days with my family and girlfriend. In fact I will have internet there but I will not go on it ! Or if I go on it, it is only to check facebook ;)   So I apologize for my inactivity during those days. But keep in mind that I will come over ;) So please have nice hollydays and have fun on this forum !   Lots of fun ahead ! See you guys :)   Thebestsimon
  4. Romanian language: Salutare, in primul rand vreau sa va multumesc pentru toata increderea si toata asteptarea pe care o astepti in legatura cu botingul. Incercam sa va rezolvam toate problemele legate de boting si tot ce tine de el. Daca aveti nelamuriri imi lasati mie pm si in cel mai scurt timp voi incerca sa va rezolv. Dupa cum stiti avem o noua tema, daca ii pot spune asa in care apar mici probleme/erori pe care xZero le va rezolva curand. Rugamintea mea este sa ma contactati pe mine personal pentru a va ajuta cu botingul in timp de xZero se ocupa de forum. Va multumim ca sunteti mereu alaturi de noi si la bine si la greu. Cu multa stima si respect pe care o avem alaturi de voi va uram un joc cat mai placut. Echipa Elite7Hackers. English language: Hello for everyone, first of all i want to thank you for all trust and waiting that we can expect about boting. We try to fix all problems about boting and all parts of him. If we have problems and question just pm me on the forum and i will try to fix as soon as possible. As we know, we got a new theme, if i can say that when appear problems/errors wich xZero try to fix. My request its sound like that : just contact me personaly for solving problems about boting, in same time xZero will take care about forum. We appreciate and respect all players wich is going with us through thick and thin. With all respect wich they get for all players we wish a nice game. Team Elite7Hackers.
  5. So I registerd and got email to confirm my subscription. https://www.elite7hackers.net/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register&do=05 the problem is it isn't working, because &sec is changed to § so I used email confirmation I had at other forums based on IP.Board that's correct   https://www.elite7hackers.net/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register&do=05 remove space between .net/ index
  6. I just wonder, how is it even possible that from that much active members (at least staff team) I got just one vote... I'm disappointed.  This forum already looks hopeless, with all expenses it cost me, there is very few or none active members, even less than before, so I struggling to see the light at end of this. It realy looks unworthy to put any more effort and money to run this community, so I'm afraid that I'll have to decide to terminate this community immediately after all already invested money finishes, which will be in around one or two months.  I was always optimistic, that there will be more users with time, but 1000 days since launch, there is still no noticeable improvements. Also, lost elite7hackers.us domain have done great damage to this community, and I think at end consequences will become permanent. I'm afraid that Elite7Hackers is almost dead by now.  For existing BitefightBot users, there may be launched (but not likely) alternative donations-driven service which will last as long as there are donations.. For donors, I'll run separate service with money they have donated.  I'll think some more, before final decision, I'll also discuss with @[member='Legenden']. Maybe someone can convince me to not terminate this service, but it will be difficult since all my hopes are perished.  I'll never forget great time I had here with all fantastic people I have meet.  DECISION: Elite7Hackers will live. My consideration to terminate was just nonsense.  Best regards
  7. There's glitch in system which caused even seen forums to appear like new. We have upgraded system, so that is probably root of issue. It's most likely that issue will persist until you open all the forums whose appear like unseen. Here is how it looks like: Apologies for any inconvenience.
  8. According to recommendation by iSm0keD, more advanced prefixes system is implemented. For demo, take a look at this topic INFO Prefixes/Icons are triggered by tags and/or drop-down prefix selection, eg for now, supported are: BiteFight BOT BUY GAMES HACK HELP INFO MEDIA MUSIC QUESTION SELL TV WARNING     Feel free to recommend me more prefixes which you would like to see supported.
  9. Just to inform you guys that Elite7Hackers is back! And not just that: - Now we have elite7hackers.net domain which much better represents our name Elite7Hackers Network, than the .us domain - HTTPS (SSL) AES-128 traffic encryption so nobody could ever, ever see what you actually doing on elite7hackers (except you and us, of course). - SPDY protocol initialized through HTTPS will improve your experience and SSL security as well. - Many tweaks and optimizations done on our back-end including eAccelerator which will also greatly increase page load speed. The traffic encryption works like this: YOU <--- SSL AES128 CONNECTION ---> CLOUDFLARE <--- SSL AES256 CONNECTION ---> Elite7Hackers Network Servers However, crisis is not yet completely end, there are problems with paying server debts which may lead to the future service interruptions, please consider donating.
  10. Dear members, As you maybe know, elite7hackers.us domain is on expiry deadline, and we don't know how long it will be online. .us domain is expensive, and we don't have enough funds, so we decided to register a new elite7hackers.net domain which is actually cheaper. However, we can't know how long it will take to get it, and what will happen in future. I created a tool to let you know about elite7hackers Status. This tool is made in order to keep people informed about service status and current domain. If service is unavailable, you may want to know what's happened? This tool will give you correct answer. Another thing is that this tool is not relly on elite7hackers servers, but on totaly indepedant, pastebin and Google drive servers, so fresh and updated informations could be grabbed even if a whole elite7hackers network is down. If we change domain unexpectedly, without notice, you always may find a new url/domain in this tool. To download the tool use this link: http://goo.gl/AVrdDO When we get offline, use it to retrieve current status, and new url as well. This tool will be continuosly developed, so there will be new updates in future. Every faithful elite7hackers member should have this tool. Best regards, elite7hackers Staff Team
  11. Related to: http://www.elite7hackers.net/showthread.php?tid=465 We are in need for reporters in the News section. The section will be opened after we find reporters. The section will be about Information Techologies, Hacking, Electronics, Gaming, etc. Positions available: 3 The reporter will be also a moderator of that section. APPLY NOW! - And not, we don't pay for this, because elite7hackers.net isn't making any profit for now. This is a chance for you to promote yourself as a reporter. Here post your applications. Application sample: [color=#1E90FF][b]Name: [/b][/color] [color=#1E90FF][b]Age: [/b][/color] [color=#1E90FF][b]Skills: [/b][/color] [color=#1E90FF][b]Fields: [/b][/color] [color=#1E90FF] [b]Experience in similar jobs: [/b] [/color] [color=#1E90FF][b]Why you apply: [/b][/color] [color=#1E90FF][b]Why you think we need you: [/b][/color] [color=#FFD700][b]Here write an article example (256 words minimum):[/b][/color] See Example

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