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Found 1,472 results

  1. Icecream PDF Converter Pro 2.85 Multilingual | File size: 131 MB Icecream PDF Converter is a powerful tool for converting many file types to PDFs, or converting PDFs to individual images. The process starts by choosing a conversion type ("From PDF" or "To PDF"), then dragging and dropping your target files onto the program. PDF files can be converted to various image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS or WMF. In theory these can also be packaged as HTML, although this didn't work for us. There's better support for creating PDFs, with the program importing some Office documents (DOC/ DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ODT, ODS), images (JPG, PNG, BMP), ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, FB2), HTML and more. You get various options to control the conversion process. It's possible to extract page ranges from a document, for instance (10-15, 123-131), or to merge various input files into a single PDF. Finally, you're able to choose the output folder. When converting "From PDF" this defaults to a subfolder (MyFile.PDF > MyFile\MyFile_1.JPG, MyFile\MyFile_2.JPG), but this can be set to whatever you like. For some reason this didn't always work for us. One test PDF had its images missing from the original DOCX, and we had significant problems converting to HTML (that is, nothing happened at all). Most of our conversions delivered excellent results, though, and if you need this kind of tool then Icecream PDF Converter is worth a try. Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  2. BaDshaH

    GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro 8.2.0

    GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro 8.2.0 | File size: 14.2 MB GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro is a perfect audio recorder to record computer sounds and microphone to AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, VOC, WAV or WMA files on Windows 7/8. Recording the sound that goes through your audio card isn't at all a difficult task, but GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro promises to make everything a lot easier, even for those with no advanced computer knowledge. 1) Allows you to pre-define recording qualities to help quickly set and manage recording parameters. 2) Allows you to start and stop recoding automatically with built-in timer. 3) Support silence detection during audio recording. 4) Built-in advanced sound engine to produce high quality recording. 5) Allows you to preset your recording device before start record. Audio Recorder Pro is a perfect audio recorder to record your own voice, music or any other sound by working directly with your sound card. It supports the record input/source from a microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, external input devices (e.g. CDs, LP, music cassettes, phone line etc.) as well as other applications like Winamp, Media Player, etc. With built-in advanced audio record engine, the recorder produces high quality recordings. With Auto Record feature, you are able to schedule the time to start/stop a recording. Exclusive Features of GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro: Powerful Audio Recorder So far, a number of audio recording software floods the market, but every day a lot of people still search "how to record audio on pc with (or without )microphone". Because most of them make many users feel confused and tired, they even let users to learn where to enable "Stereo Mix". In fact if try to use GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro, you will know recording audio is so easy and you can record computer sound and your voice at the same time only need to choose "Computer sounds and micphone". CD Quality Recordings GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro can record sound reproduced by other programs, including Windows Media Player, iTunes, Musicmatch Jukebox, WinAmp, Internet telephony programs such as Skype, and many others. The reproduced sound can be either sound from local files being played back or sound from Internet transmissions. With built-in advanced audio record engine, the recorder produces high quality recordings. Recording Internet Broadcasts (streaming audio) No need install virtual audio device, Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro is a real-time digital audio recorder that records any audio source that's automatically detected on your computer. You can capture audio perfectly from over 500 popular radio stations and online music sites including YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, BBC Radio, iTunes Radio and much more. Recording Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk Record all voice conversations, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and any other VoIP applications and save conversations as wav, mp3 ogg or wma files. It can work in automatic mode (it will record automatically when you take a call or voice conversation with any VoIP application) or manual mode. You can set it auto run with windows. Recording Schedule Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro includes an advanced time triggered recording which gives you the power to schedule recording either for a website or anything that runs on your desktop to start or stop at a certain time. Using this feature, recording are made automatically on the Once, Daily and Weekly you choose. With Auto. Record feature, you are able to set the time to start a recording, as well as the conditions (for example, time, file size, recording length) to stop a recording Flexible Setting & Automatic Gain Control Each format (AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, VOC, WAV, WMA ) is provided with a preset list in order to get a precise result. It automatically detect the audio recording formats your sound card supports and then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance. The default parameters work in most cases, but you can change them easily to best suit your needs. Long Time Recording Support Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro records audio to MP3/WMA/WAV directly and it can auto pause suspends recording when there is no sound. And it can record on the fly for as long as your like without interrupt. Supports Multiple Sound Card With recording preview feature, you are able to preview the result with the selected audio recording device/source before starting a record. It supports more than one sound card (includes USB sound card). Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  3. BaDshaH

    GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.4.0

    GiliSoft File Lock Pro 11.4.0 | File size: 6.7 MB GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a power file encryption software program that can quickly and safely lock and hide files, folder,and drives,and it can use 256-bit AES encryption (Encryption Standard Adopted by the US Government) to protect your files located on HDD drive or any portable media such as USB drives. Features and Benefits: • Hide Data : GiliSoft File Lock Pro can hide your private files folders and drives, to make them completely invisible to users and programs. • Lock Data : The locked files/folders/drives are protected from accessing, users can not open, read, modify, move, delete, copy, rename the protected files/folders without password. Files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected. •Encrypt Data : It can encrypt files and folders of any type. •Portable Encryption : It packs and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe file) with AES encryption algorithm. You can encrypt important data by this method, and then send it over the network or by other means to be used on a machine without Gili File Lock Pro. • Safe Delete : GiliSoft File Lock Pro allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.No one can recover deleted data from your disk if you secure delete it. • Password Protected: GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a password-locked software,that is to say,there's no other way to run or unstall it if you have not the password. • Hardware Compatible Fully support Intel® Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and AMD Athlon™ 64X2 Dual-CoreProcessor OS : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 (32&64) RELEASE NOTES Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  4. BaDshaH

    Directory List and Print Pro 3.58

    Directory List and Print Pro 3.58 | File size: 16.7 MB Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows and enables listing and printing the content of any directory in a simplest way. In addition, the file lists can be formatted, filtered, saved to several file formats and also be further processed (delete/copy/move files). By copying to the clipboard the lists can be exported into other programs or opened directly in Word and Excel. The Free Version (Freeware) has all the basic features included, the Pro Version (Shareware) provides interesting additional features. Pro Version: Save own directory favorites. Set directory recursion depth/levels for subdirectories. Show number and sum of size and length of the displayed objects. Display of the date in many different international formats: dd.mm.yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, yyyymmdd, yyyy.mm.dd, yyyy/mm/dd, yyyy-mm-dd, mm.dd.yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy Display of the time in many different international formats: hh:mm:ss, hh:mm, hh:mm:ss AM/PM, hh:mm AM/PM, hhmmss, hhmm Display of the audio/video duration in many different formats: HH:MM:SS.nnn, MM:SS.nnn, SS.nnn, HH:MM:SS, MM:SS, SS Display of ADDITIONAL FILE INFORMATION: - file attributes (Archive, Read Only, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted), - calculated checksums for files: CRC32, MD5, SHA1, - owner of files and directories, - title of document files (pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx), - title of audio/video files (mp3,ogg,mpeg,mp4 and many more, see website), - title of program and version number of executables (exe,dll), - dimension of documents like pages, words, characters (pdf,doc,docx,xlsx,pptx), - dimension of images like width, height, bit depth, - dimension of audio files like sampling rate, bit rate, bit rate mode, - dimension of video files like width, height, frame rate, bit rate, - format of audio/video and image files, - duration of audio/video files. Display of EXIF meta tags like: width, height, depth, resolution DpI, format, orientation,date taken, time taken, date changed, time changed, author/artist, copyright, description, comment, rating, software. Display of IPTC meta tags like: keywords, headline, caption, copyright, byline, date created, time created, country, state, city, sublocation, source, editor. Display of AUDIO meta tags like: title, artist, album, year recorded, year released, track number, disc number, genre, composer, publisher, copyright, comment, length, beats per minute, sampling rate, bit rate, bit rate mode, format. Display of VIDEO meta tags like: title, year recorded, year released, length, width, height, videoformat, videostandard, frame rate, bit rate, movie name, series name, series season, director, producer, publisher, subject, description, keywords, copyright, comment, application software. Display of DOCUMENT meta tags like: title, subject, keywords, categories, comments, author, pages, sheets, slides, words, characters, lines, date created, time created, date modified, time modified, modified by, revision, encryption, software, version. Sort files/directories by name in NATURAL or ASCII order, ascending/descending. Sort files by size, date/time, duration (A/V), ascending/descending. Set filter to certain file size range. Set filter to include or exclude certain file types. Set filter to include or exclude files and directories by certain terms. Set filter to include or exclude files by date range, date created or modified. Set filter to include or exclude files by attributes (archive, read-only, hidden, system, compressed, encrypted). Set filter on audio/video/image properties (Width, Height, BitDepth, Resolution DpI, FrameRate FpS, BitRate KBpS, SamplingRate KHz, Duration in Seconds). Set filter on length of filenames, eg. to analyze the file system when copying it to a new directory structure (path+filename, filename only, >, =, <). Output the list directly to the default printer. Output the list as PDF file (page size is adjusted automatically up to A0). Output the list as HTML table, with absolute Windows file paths for local use or with relative addresses for the web server, fonts and colors customizable. Output the list as XML file, including all selected attributes. Output the list as comma- or tab-delimited file or CSV file. Output the list directly to Microsoft Word™ and Excel™. Linking of files and directories in Excel™ and HTML output for direct open by mouse click. (This function is customizable for any language variant of Excel) All files supporting extended information like Date/Time created, Date/Time modified, Size, File attributes, File type, File path, File name, Checksums CRC32/MD5/SHA1 Image files supporting additional information like Image format, Image size, Bit depth, Resolution DpI, EXIF meta tags if available, IPTC meta tags if available -bmp, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpeg2000, jp2, j2k, j2c, jng, jif, jpe, tiff, tif, tga, targa, ico, pcd, pcx, cut, dds, exr, g3, hdr, lbm, koa, mng, pbm, pfm, pgm, pct, pic, pict, ppm, ras, raw, nef, nrw, dng, crw, cr2, sgi, wbmp, xbm, xpm, psd Audio files supporting additional information Title, Duration, Audio format, Sampling rate KHz, Bitrate Kbps, Fixed/Variable Bitrate, AUDIO meta tags if available -ogg, ogm, wav, mp2, mp3, wma, ra, ape, mac, flac, aiff, aifc, au, iff, paf, sd2, irca, w64, mat, pvf, xi, sds, avr, ac3, aac, dts sd Video files supporting additional information Title, Duration, Video format, Picture size, Frame rate Fps, Bitrate Kbps, VIDEO meta tags if available -avi, mpeg, mpg, vob, mp4, mpgv, mpv, m1v, m2v, m4v, asf, wmv, qt, mov, rm, rmvb, ifo, wtv, dvr-ms, mkv, mka, mks, divx, xvid, m2ts, m2t, mts, ts, flv Document files supporting additional information Title, Extent like pages/sheets/slides and number of words/characters, DOCUMENT meta tags if available -pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx Executable files supporting additional information Title, Version number -exe, dll Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From Rapidgator
  5. Coolutils Total Thunderbird Converter Pro Multilingual | File size: 43.18 MB Do you want to backup your mail archives and make sure that the archives are easily readable by independent tools (e.g. any web browser or txt reader) not just Thunderbird client? We have created a great too for that. Total Thunderbird Converter Pro easily converts emails from your Thunderbird emails client to DOC (WORD), PDF, HTML, TXT, TIFF. You can also import your MBOX file. The app runs in a batch mode so you can export thousands of emails in one go. Features: * Total Thunderbird Converter Pro also converts attachments to the desired format along with emails.a Download From Rapidgator
  6. Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro Multilingual | File size: 77.88 MB Total Outlook Converter Pro will help you convert Outlook emails to PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, TIFF in batch. While other email converters are able to process emails, they only do half the job by leaving attachments in their original formats. Total Outlook Converter Pro goes the extra mile by helping convert both emails and their attachments. eDiscovery and litigation Convert Outlook emails to PDF in the most accurate way. Attach or embed attachments to the resulting PDF. Search emails by sender, subject, date or any key word. Our Outlook converter can also stamp bates, add text watermarks (i.e. confidential), rename output files by the bates number. Migration If you feel it's time to migrate to another email app, Total Outlook Converter Pro will export emails to universal EML files or MBOX accepted by Apple. Table reports Get all emails from a PST file converted over to a single excel file with general info such as date/time/to/from/body information. Then it's easy to load the report in a DB or do further analysys on. Archiving old emails Once you decide to empty Outlook and save copies of your emails on your hard drive, our converter is at your fingertips. Save Outlook emails as PDF, PDF/A, DOC, TXT, HTML, TIFF, JPEG files to open them without any email program. Elderly parents living far or kid's educational bills, anything you may find important should be backed up in case you don't have the Internet connection. All unique options.. Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version HOMEPAGE Download From Rapidgator
  7. Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 330.3 MB A Better Way to Handle Your Images. Flexible, Smart and Very Fast. Understandable on a hunch, reaConverter makes batch conversion and oft-recurring image editing simple. Every year thousands of users around the world save thousands of hours using reaConverter! Versatility As well as handling every conceivable format you may encounter, reaConverter also provides a command line utility allowing you to process images automatically. Power And of course, we've added all the most useful features, such as image editing and the most efficient batch processing in any software of this type. Add Images Load files you want to process. Apply Editing Select from a variety of editing actions. Save the Result Choose output format and folder, tune saving options. Automate All the actions are available in an automatized way. Widest Range of Supported Formats - Highly efficient software that makes it easy to convert millions of files and folders in a single operation. - Convert between a great number of file formats, including archaic and rare ones. Ample Scope for Image Editing - Understandable on a hunch, reaConverter makes oft-recurring image editing simple. - Touch up, transform, apply editing and effects to any number of images at the same time. State-of-the-art Features Uber-powerful tool with a great variety of features. It gives advanced solution for image processing and tuning. Get complete, fine-grained control over your work. Windows Context Menu Integration Managing basic image conversion processes with reaConverter's latest edition takes less time and effort than ever! And now it doesn't even have to include opening the actual program - you can manage everything from Windows Explorer. Simply browse and select the images you intend to convert, right click and opt for a regular conversion, or for a conversion with changes. Watch Folders Editing a large amount of images can be extremely time consuming and drain you of energy and creativity. For this reason, reaConverter brings you one step closer to avoiding repetitive and dull batch image editing operations by adding an additional feature called Watch Folders. With Watch Folders you can configure reaConverter to monitor your system folders and automatically apply specific processing actions to all files you drop in Watch Folder. Command-line Image Processing reaConverter functionality can be implemented into scripts, applications or websites via command-line tool. It provides command-line access to all reaConverter features and can be used to automate processes via scripting. Running through command-line is an advanced feature available with Pro edition - a piece of software intended mainly for users who do image processing professionally. DLL reaConverter's full range of conversion and image editing options can now be included into your own customized software solution using the latest edition's Dynamic Link Library (DLL) feature. This is mainly addressed to developers and proficient users and is designed for the Windows platform. The DLL feature works similarly with the command-line interface, however, the DLL works only via internal program calls. reaConverter DLL is available with Pro edition only. RELEASE NOTES: Version 7 puts the functionality to the whole new level: - Ultra-fast multi-threaded conversion - The entirely reworked user interface - New image editing options and graphic filters - New formats support including CAD and MS Office documents - New ways to save the conversion result - New Watch Folders feature to monitor folders and automatically apply processing - New command-line tool for simple integration to server-side and third-party solutions System Requirements: - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 - Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  8. BaDshaH

    WiFi Explorer Pro 2.1.5 macOS

    WiFi Explorer Pro 2.1.5 macOS | File size: 37 MB WiFi Explorer Pro takes the code base of WiFi Explorer, and adds a set of features that makes it the right tool for WLAN and IT professionals. You can use WiFi Explorer Pro for preliminary assessments, to help design and validate wireless networks installations, as well as to identify channel conflicts, overlapping, poor signal quality and other issues that may be affecting the connectivity or performance of your home, office or enterprise wireless network. Features - Passive and directed scan modes - Spectrum analysis integration - Custom filters - Support for remote sensors - Support for networks with hidden SSIDs - Additional columns with advanced information - Additional organization options for scan results - Dark and light themes RELEASE NOTES Fixed some minor bugs Supported Operation Systems: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  9. iSoftPhone Pro 4.2.2 (4.2210) macOS | File size: 30 MB iSoftPhone (was iSoftPhone Pro) is an advanced softphone with video for OS X using VoIP to provide crystal clear voice quality in an attractively sleek interface. The quick configuration will allow you to get talking to other iSoftPhone users in seconds. iSoftPhone is integrated with the OS X address book to make calls and manage contacts. Simply dial the number of the person you wish to talk with or select them from contacts to call. RELEASE NOTES Fixed some minor bugs Supported Operation Systems: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  10. BaDshaH

    SpeedCommander Pro 17.52.9300

    File size: 42.2 MB SpeedCommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse. SpeedCommander reads and creates ZIP archives, Microsoft CAB files and fully supports ten additional compression formats. The newly expanded search feature will find files within all ten supported Archive formats. The internal file viewer displays over 80 graphics and text formats. In addition, SpeedCommander contains a powerful text editor with numerous extras including syntax highlighting. With the integrated FTP client, you can both download files from the net and upload your own web pages. SpeedCommander even integrates a web browser for you to surf the web! * Two folder windows which can be arranged horizontally or vertically * Multiple folder views in one folder panel * File Container with multiple independent containers * Quick access to Network Neighborhood, Internet and FTP * Direct support for the many archive formats (including 7Z, RAR, SQX, ZIP) * Integrated Quick View for many file formats * Multi-rename tool * Fast and comfortable Search Program (FileSearch) * Synchronize files and folders (FileSync) * Flexible editor for text files (SpeedEdit) SpeedCommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse. Proven Two Window Technology SpeedCommander displays files and folders in the proven two window technology - source and target of operations are therefore always visible. This ensures a higher productivity compared to Windows Explorer and an extremely fast navigation through files, folders and FTP sites. SpeedCommander offers you many options for copying and moving files. Besides the usual deletion SpeedCommander has a secure deletion compliant to governmental standards. With the integrated Quick View SpeedCommander shows you the content of many file formats. Pictures, videos or music files - SpeedCommander gives you a fast overview for every kind of files. FileSync synchronizes folders, FileSearch finds files and folders on all data mediums. Extensive Archive Support SpeedCommander makes handling compressed files easy, because they are treated like ordinary folders. Experience direct support for many archive formats as well as compressing and decompressing them without the need for further software. Compression profiles can sum up settings and self-extracting archives make additional software superfluous. Recovery data offers protection against damaged archives. Add-In Interface SpeedCommander has a modern Add-In interface, so that additional plugins can be used, enhancing the original functionality. SpeedCommander communicates with the Add-In via the component object model (COM). An Add-In can add functionality in the menu or the toolbars. The Add-Ins also have full access to SpeedCommander's object model. They can open and alter folder windows, as well access their content. Add further file systems via the interface for file system Add-Ins into SpeedCommander. Use the WinCeFS Add-In to access PDA devices with ActiveSync. The WfxWrapper Add-In integrates the many file system plugins from Total Commander (wfx). Macros Simple tasks can be automated with macros. Macros can use the different objects of SpeedCommander too, also all script capable components (e.g. several shell objects) can be included. Edit macros easily with the integrated macro editor and check them for possible errors with a script debugger (like Visual Studio). Enhanced FTP Functions SpeedCommander supports various FTP types like FTP via SSH (SFTP) and SSL encrypted FTP. The user just needs to choose a protocol, everything else is done by Speedcommander in a transparent way. The support for proxies was expanded noticeably. SpeedCommander supports Socks 4/4a/5 and HTTP connections. The user can choose to compress directory listing and file transfers with MODE Z. Band width limiting keeps your line responsive, if required. Native 64-bit Version for Windows x64 Edition SpeedCommander is also available as native 64-bit version for Windows x64. Only a real 64-bit file manager can access all files on Windows x64. 32-bit applications are rerouted to "Windows\SysWow64" and can't access the folder "Windows\System32". Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  11. File Size: 25.6 MB ExamDiff Pro is a powerful yet intuitive and easy to use visual file and directory comparison tool for Windows. It features unique functionality that distinguishes ExamDiff Pro from other comparison programs. If you've been frustrated with other comparison utilities, you will find that ExamDiff Pro offers a much more efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. Top Features: - Compares text files, binary files, and directories. - Performs two-way and three-way diff and merge. - Highlights differences down to the level of lines, words or characters. - Highlights document syntax. - Fuzzy line matching. - Ability to recognize moved text blocks. - Automated directory synchronization. - Line Inspector panel for easy recognition of differences within lines. - Can perform full file comparison in a background task in directory comparison. - Ability to add manual synchronization points to text file comparison. - Compares directly from Windows Explorer. - Allows file editing within file comparison panes. - Allows copying, renaming, and deleting files or directories. - Saves the file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file or to a dynamic HTML web page. - Prints and print previews diff reports. - Easy navigation through the differences. - Advanced Search features. - Drag and drop support. - Advanced Ignore options, for ignoring capitalization, white space, programming-language comments, and more. - Word wrapping. - Plug-in support. - Drag and drop support. - Can create directory snapshots for later comparison. - Includes full Unicode support. - Fully customizable. Benefits: - Perform code reviews and share diff reports with your colleagues - Compare a local website to an FTP server using built-in plug-ins - Visualize your code structure through syntax highlighting - Compare Word, Excel, and PDF documents using built-in plug-ins - Create directory snapshots for future comparison and archiving - Compare from Windows Explorer using the built-in Shell extension - Accurately compare executable files with binary comparison - Synchronize files and folders between your PC and external media - Quickly undo mistakes by comparing files with previous versions - Perform 2-way and 3-way diff and merge (Master Edition only) Whats New: HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  12. Webinar Marketing Mastery: Beginner to Pro Overnight MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 4 Hours | Lec: 21 | 917 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Webinars are difficult if you don't know how to give presentations like a pro. Walkthrough hosting, recording & scripts How this course will DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS! Give a meaningful, seamless webcast that persuades, motivates and gets your online audience to do what you want. People serious about making money take this course because they have to deliver a make-or-break webinar to: Deliver a product pitch Convince a big client Need help getting more sales Get any audience to do what they want So many webinars are boring and "pitchy"... learn how to avoid these costly mistakes. Do you like to listen to the boring elevator pitches of other people? Of course not. So, why would others want to hear yours? What WILL help you is to ensure that you have a true value proposition that's interesting, provocative, and shows your audience what's in it for them. This course will show you how to make what you say online valuable so you can persuade and motivate others to act on it. I will personally model the exact techniques and specific skills you need to do just that in your next webinar. You'll learn dozens of techniques you've never seen before to get YOUR audience to do what you want. DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/BC76BEF4F57739B/ygbpe.Webinar.Marketing.Mastery.Beginner.to.Pro.Overnight.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/233323e5b2421452048146a8bc6c2751/ygbpe.Webinar.Marketing.Mastery.Beginner.to.Pro.Overnight.rar http://turbobit.net/1bz6yzlaxuqp/ygbpe.Webinar.Marketing.Mastery.Beginner.to.Pro.Overnight.rar.html
  13. BaDshaH

    Notepad SX Pro 1.4.6

    Notepad SX Pro 1.4.6 | File Size: 1 MB NotePad SX Pro is a fast, stable, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor. NotePad SX Pro is not only the great looking replacement and upgrade of standard Windows Notepad, but it gives you an ability to feel the power of plain text editing with many additional abilities. Features: Tabbed Multidocument Interface Full Screen Mode Stay on top Mode Access your Recent Files with one click Choose the Font Style, Font Color and Background Color, Save and Restore it with one click Access the popular Font configutations with one click Custom colors (16 million+ colors) XP window style, All Fixed Fonts and True Type Fonts supported All standard text editor functions: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, Replace, Undo, Select All, Go to line Can hide Toolbar and Main Menu Save All Open documents with one click Export text file as HTML page and Preview it in your default browser Print using current font style Case convertion functions: lower case, UPPER case, iNVERT case, raNDom case, fUn case, Normal case, Upper Case First - using ANSI convertion routines (also works with regional fonts). Change ASCII offset for the current text (may be useful when finding the right encoding) Remove blank lines, Trim lines, Remove HTML/XML tags, Leave HTML/XML tags only Reverse lines, Reverse strings, Reverse text Sort lines alphabetically, Sort descending, Sort by line length Additional features include Insert Date/time, text Encoding/Decoding, random numbers/text adding. Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  14. Exportizer Pro Multilingual | File Size: 3.5 MB Exportizer Pro is a database export tool. It allows to export data to database, file, clipboard, or printer. Exportizer Pro works with databases via ADO, BDE, or Interbase/Firebird. It can open ODBC data sources, files of DB, DBF, MDB, ACCDB, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, GDB, IB, FDB, HTML, UDL, DBC, TXT, CSV types, and databases specified by ADO connection strings. Data can be exported to several file formats like text, CSV, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, DBF, INSERT statements, and to relational database of any type supported by ADO or BDE. For example, it is possible to perform such popular database conversions as dbf to txt, txt to xls, dbf to csv, txt to dbf, Access to HTML, Excel to Access, Interbase to MySQL, and much more. It is possible to export all or selected database files from a folder or all or selected tables from a database at once. Exportizer Pro can automatically detect the most known image types (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO) in BLOB fields and export them, for example, to HTML. During the export, you can convert BLOB images to another image format. Many export options ensure full control over output. There is an ability to specify the source-to-target field mappings. Export operations can be performed either via the program interface or via command line with large number of parameters. You can easily generate needed command line directly from the GUI. It is possible to copy data to clipboard or print them. There are several utility functions for data manipulating and bookmarking. Features: Opening file-based database tables (.db, .dbf, .txt, .csv, .xml) Opening tables from multi-table database files like XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, MDB, ACCDB, HTML, GDB, IB, FDB, UDL, and other multi-table databases like ODBC data sources etc. Table browsing Editing data Ability to specify custom increment number for Increment Field Value function Exporting data to file formats like text, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF, DBF, and SQL script Exporting data from all (or selected) files, which are located in one folder, or all (or selected) tables from a multi-table data source, at once (from interface or via command line) Exporting data to Excel (XML-based) and DATABASE formats Using extra export modes like Append and Empty+Insert Opening and exporting databases through the command line Using extra command line options like /Silent, /LogFile, /CloseOnError etc. Copying data to clipboard Printing data Building custom SQL queries Enhanced database grids, which allow to view and manipulate the data in the most convenient way, including sorting by clicking column header, changing row heights, resizing columns, using single record view mode etc. Filtering data according to user's criteria Exporting BLOB images Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  15. File Size: 410.3 MB Powerful software for your digital media investigations Most investigative tools haven't kept pace with the increasing volume of image and video files. In some cases, this can result in a manual review of millions of files and it almost always increases caseload and turnaround times. Seamless Import/Export Import everything from CCTV to native forensic image formats including data extracted in VICS and start analyzing them straight away. Artificial Intelligence (Griffeye Brain) Automatically classify child sexual abuse content with outstanding accuracy and label image content based on thousands of concepts. Robust Image and Video Hashing Save valuable time and energy by pre-categorizing known data and stacking duplicates. Face Recognition Detect and recognize faces in image and video using technology applied to mass volume and "real world" (i.e. uncontrolled) imagery. Group and Search Metadata Leap ahead in your analysis by correlating metadata to open sources on the internet. Advanced Analysis Bring critical clues to the surface faster with analysis algorithms for filtering, sorting and searching. Customized Reporting Cut down on your admin work with handy functions for detailed and fully customized reporting. Open API Use the 3rd party apps you need to crack the case with the ability to add plug-ins through the API. GET STARTED WITH EASE Intuitive and easy-to-use from the start, the user interface enables you to quickly and easily categorize, prioritize and review complex information. MANAGE AND ORGANIZE EFFECTIVELY The dashboard view provides an easy overview the information you've been working on. SEE QUICKER PROGRESS Automation provides a leg up on massive volumes of digital media. Investigations that used to take months, even years, can now be wrapped up in hours or days. What's new HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  16. File size: 14.8 MB Clean Space is a powerful professional utility for cleaning up your computer from electronic garbage and protecting your online privacy. When we say 'garbage' we don't mean the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop! Real virtual garbage includes many more objects like cache of various programs and Windows OS, temporary internet files, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, and so on. Those objects are scattered everywhere on your computer, usually in hidden system folders, wasting gigabytes of disk space. Also, Clean Space will protect your online privacy by cleaning up areas related to your internet browsing history, for example internet cookies files and the like. Thus, nobody will be able to find out what you did on the Web. Which areas I can clean using Clean Space? Why is electronic garbage bad? Each program you use (Windows OS, browser, Notepad, Word, Calculator) leaves some temporary files or registry records about your activity. Let's call it 'cache' for the sake of simplicity. This cache provides the programs with some disputable benefits, but usually will not give any other benefits to you. Yet cache will require additional disk space - sometimes 100 and even 500 megabytes for every program! But most importantly, cache will require regular maintenance and indexing. Thus, computer garbage is bad because it will require additional system resources to maintain it. To index it. To make changes to it. To check if is up to date. To remove obsolete elements from it. And so on. Just think - your browser keeps over 10 000 cached images of previously visited web sites, which you will never visit again! Of cause, your browser will delete them after a week or a month, but until that time those images, pages, videos are wasting disk space and require additional processor resources to maintain all these garbage. How Clean Space can protect your online privacy? In a simple and effective way. Everything you do on your computer is recorded by Windows, no matter what you do - open some game, document, picture, or video. Any computer tech (a person from FBI) can easily say exactly when and what you did by analyzing computer logs, cache, and other items. These people can even recover deleted items to get a clear picture of your activities. Our program will delete all those files and records - all personal tracks - that are stored unbeknownst to you and bear information about your recent activity. When our program deletes those records, it makes them unrecoverable. Plus, our program will remove cookie files and other things that may be used by web sites to track you online. Security Our program is simple yet it's fully functional by many security standards. We implement different industry standards (protocols, TNZP) for data removal to make the deleted data unrecoverable. The first release of our program was in 2002; thus, we've been in this business for over 14 years. We know what to do and what you expect from us! Whats New HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  17. Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 34.39 MB System Mechanic Pro® - The Ultimate PC Performance Package™. Patented technology for maximum speed, power and stability. Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes. Certified virus protection and data security. Blocks Malware Certified anti-virus/anti-spyware blocks the latest threats using advanced dual-engine security. Protects Privacy Safely and permanently removes your most sensitive files with military-grade data wiping technology. Recovers Data Retrieves many lost and accidentally deleted files including photos, videos and documents. Removes Bloatware Identifies unwanted startup programs that slow you down by launching and running without your knowledge. Boosts Speed Automatically increases the speed and availability of CPU, RAM and hard drive resources when you launch high-demand apps for the smoothest gaming, editing and streaming. Repairs Problems Finds and fixes over 30,000 different problems using intelligent live updates from iolo Labs™ to keep your PC stable and error-free. Unleashes Internet Speed Automatically optimizes hidden Windows Internet settings for faster downloads, snappier page loads, less buffering, improved video quality and smoother gaming. Cleans Out Clutter Removes over 50 types of hidden junk files to free up valuable disk space and make more room for your documents, movies, music and photos. System Mechanic Pro 18 Features: ENHANCED System Shield® VB100-certified antivirus solution deploys malware signature detection and behavior-monitoring heuristics for the most advanced threat elimination yet. ENHANCED DriveScrubber® Privacy protection designed to permanently erase sensitive data after it's deleted. ENHANCED Search and Recover™ Retrieves many lost and accidentally deleted files from PCs, cameras and more. ENHANCED ActiveCare® Advanced cleaning and repair removes more unsafe clutter and fixes more problems than ever before, going to work whenever your PC is idle. NEW Modernized Interface Redesigned look is the easiest version to use yet, featuring larger text, faster loading and simplified features menus. ENHANCED LiveBoost™ Adjusts dozens of Windows settings for greatly improved processor, memory and hard disk stability and performance. ENHANCED PC Cleanup™ Cleans up over 50 types of junk files. ENHANCED Privacy Cleaner™ Wipes internet and chat history, clutter and cache. ENHANCED Registry Tuner™ Defrags, compacts, optimizes and backs up system registry. ENHANCED Program Accelerator™ Re-aligns and defragments disjointed program files for the very fastest access. ENHANCED Startup Optimizer™ Blocks bloatware at startup to accelerate boot time and improve system performance. ENHANCED NetBooster™ Speeds up Internet, videos, downloads and games. Memory Mechanic™ Reclaims wasted RAM in real time. Security Optimizer™ Finds and plugs Windows security holes with the latest available patches. NEW Privacy Shield™ Lets you turn off aggressive Windows personal data collection services otherwise difficult to disable. Incinerator™ Safely and permanently deletes unwanted sensitive files. Requirements: Works with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7 HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  18. Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 133.74 MB FilmConvert Stand-Alone - Your one stop shop for adding that filmic look to your next digital video. The FilmConvert Stand-Alone has a beautifully designed interface, making it simple to use and even easier to deliver the best results! We've taken care of the technology so you can spend more time being creative. Camera profiles We work with a wide range of popular cameras to deliver the most precise picture profiles available. We then use those profiles to match to your chosen film stocks to create a stunning and accurate result. Our Camera Packs contain accurate data for each Camera Picture Style so we can tailor each film stock to your camera, allowing authentic Film Stock looks across a wide range of cameras and settings. We continue to work directly with camera companies to bring you the latest profiles. Camera Profiles Choose from our range of precise Camera Profiles, matched to your camera. 6K Grain Scans Industry leading quality grain, scanned at 6K to give the best results. 19 Film Stocks Motion and Photographic. Color Positive, Negative + Reversals. Export 3D Luts Create & export 3D LUTS using FilmConvert for on-set use. What's New: Accurate Grain FilmConvert has a complex density based grain algorithm. Grain is not just a layer added on top of your image, but is calculated and integrated based on the underlying colors. The grain response for each film stock has been collected and modeled to bring out the true grain characteristics of each film stock. Film Stocks & Accurate Color Each digital picture style has been mapped accurately to each of 19 Film Stocks, including Color Negative, Color Positive, black & white and Polaroid. Each picture style is modeled to accurately match the colors provided by the camera and is coupled with a proprietary sRGB viewing transfer to mimic an ideal film projection on your sRGB display. KD 5213 Vis3 This KD 5213 Vis3 emulation is based on the Kodak® Vision3 200T 5213 Color Negative Film. The 5213 is designed for use under Tungsten light. As with other Vision3 film stocks, the 5213 gives great performance in high contrast scenarios. Create and export 3D LUTs using FilmConvert LUTs are a great way to export your grade for use on devices or any compatible software. Here are some ways this can help improve your workflow. You can use 3D LUTs on your monitor for on-set visualization. View on your monitor the look you will apply during post-production. You can load 3D LUTs into most color-grading software, which can be useful in workflows where plugin support is limited. You can export a 3D LUT to share your grade with others working on your film. RELEASE NOTES: - Surround sound rendering fixed. - Registration on non-english system fixed. System Requirements: - Windows 10 highly recommended - Windows 7 supported, however final exported video files must be under 4GB - x64 Operating System. - Minimum resolution of 1366x768 - OpenGL 4.0 Core version capable graphics card with at least 1GB of memory HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  19. File size: 22.1 MB uTorrent is an efficient BitTorrent client for Windows. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in uTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, and Mainline DHT. Additionally, uTorrent supports the protocol encryption joint specification and peer exchange. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources-typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren’t there at all. µTorrent PRO features: - Stream Instantly Watch or preview torrents as they download, without waiting for the completed file. - Convert, download and play in many formats µTorrent Pro includes an HD media player or convert to play on any mobile device. - Premium New Features µTorrent Pro is always adding new features. Enjoy them at no extra cost. - Anti-Virus Protection Keep your PC safe by automatically scanning downloads for viruses and malware. - Early Access Gain access to updates and cutting-edge features before anyone else. - No Ads As a Pro user and a supporter of µTorrent, you can enjoy an ad-free experience. More Features of µTorrent PRO: - Multiple simultaneous downloads - Configurable bandwidth scheduler - Global and per-torrent speed limiting - Quick-resumes interrupted transfers - RSS Downloader - Trackerless support (Mainline DHT) Whats New: Update torrent listview banner to add link for BitTorrent Token information HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  20. Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 113.96 MB iWatermark works as a standalone digital watermarking app with other photo browsers like Lightroom, Picasa and ACDSee. If you put your photos on the web then anyone can take and use them for whatever they like. Don't get ripped off, even a very small digital watermark will help protect your intellectual property. Watermark 1 or thousands of images at a time. Used by beginners, pros, and large organizations. Designed to save photographers time. 11 types of watermarks Text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata and steganographic. Compatibility Works with all cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Smartphones, etc. Batch Process Single or batch watermark multiple photos simultaneously. Metadata Watermarks Create watermarks using metadata like author, copyright and keywords. Steganographic Watermarks Add our proprietary invisible StegoMark watermarks to embed info in a photo QR Code Watermarks Create in app QR codes with url, email or other info to use as watermarks. Text Watermarks Create text watermarks with different fonts, sizes, colors, angles, etc. Graphic Watermarks Create graphic or logo watermarks using transparent graphic files. Watermark Manager Keep all your watermarks in one place for you and your business Signature Watermarks Use your signature as a watermark just like the famous painters Multiple Simultaneous Watermarks Select and apply multiple different watermarks on a photo(s). Add Metadata Watermark using your copyright, name, url, email, etc. to photos. Watermark Drawer Select one or a number of watermarks from the drawer. GPS Location Data Maintain or remove GPS metadata for privacy Resize Photos In both the Mac and Win versions photos can be resized. Fast Uses GPU, CPU and parallel processing to speed watermarking. Protect Photos Utilize many different watermarking techniques to protect your photos Compatible with apps like Adobe Lightroom, Photos, Aperture and all other photo browsers Watermark Cloud Use PhotoNotary to export, backup and share all your watermarks in the cloud. Special Effects Special effects for pre and post processing of photos [/b]Position Control Absolute Position. Watermarks can be adjusted by pixels. Control Relative Position For same position in batches of photos of different orientations and dimensions. Share Share via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Photo Batches Set up a workflow for renaming batches of photos automatically. More Features: - Batch watermark entire folders of images at once. - Scale all your images to be the same size. - Creates thumbnails of your watermarked images. - Use text, TIFF or PNG logos for your watermarks - Set the transparency of your watermark. - Rotate, scale, and place your watermark, anywhere on your picture. - Use special effects such as aqua, shadow and/or emboss on your watermark. - Preserve the metadata captured with the image, such as EXIF, IPTC and XMP. - Input and Output your watermarked image into a variety of different image formats. - Less expensive, more efficient, faster and simpler to use then PhotoShop. iWatermark is exclusively designed for watermarking. - Create and use QR codes (like barcodes) as watermarks (Pro and iPhone/iPad only). - Use built in Creative Commons watermarks (Pro only). - Use many watermarks simultaneously (Pro only). - Import/Export/Share watermarks you create (Pro only). - Set location watermark by x,y which insures your watermark appears in the same place no matter what size or resolution the images are. RELEASE NOTES: - many things HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  21. File Size: 35 MB iMyfone Umate Pro is a useful software solution that enables you to delete unnecessary files from your iPhone or perform a complete wipe, as well as make deleted files impossible to recover. It is very easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive user interface. Novice-friendly cleanup tool There is no guarantee that potential users are familiar with these types of applications, so it is pleasing to see that iMyfone Umate Pro was clearly designed with novices in mind. Most operations can be performed with just a couple of mouse clicks, and no complex configurations are required. The program guides you throughout the process, so you should not run into any major issues. Powerful application that can help you erase data from your iOS device iMyfone Umate Pro provides you with multiple modules, each designed to perform a specific function, and they can all be accessed from the convenient sidebar. The "1-Click" free up feature enables you to scan for unnecessary junk files and temporary data, as well as photos, large files and applications. Once a scan has been completed, you can specify exactly which types of files should be removed. Make sure deleted files cannot be recovered Aside from removing unnecessary data from your iOS device, the application is also capable of overwriting these files in order to make sure they cannot be retrieved and accessed by others. This function is particularly useful if you want to sell your device and wish to ensure the future owner cannot recover your deleted files. All in all, iMyfone Umate Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use application that can help you delete unnecessary files from your iOS device, prevent erased data from being recovered and perform a complete wipe. It features an intuitive interface and is very novice-friendly. Four Modes to Erase Data Safely and Permanently iMyfone iPhone data eraser offers four erase modes to choose from, you can pick an erasing mode depending on your needs. 1-Click Cleanup By removing junk files/ temporary files, compressing and deleting photos, removing large files, managing apps, in just one click, you can free up your iOS device and your device will perform at optimal speeds. Erase All Data Removing your data and files completely can be done with the factory reset option. But Factory reset is not enough to delete all data permanently. iMyfone iPhone data destroyer can do this job easily. Erase Deleted Files Normal deleted files can be recovered easily. iMyfone Umate Pro can show these deleted files and erase them with no chance of recovery. Erase Private Data To make sure private information on your iPhone is completely removed, this iPhone data eraser will destroy private data with 100% unrecoverable and keeping your personal information secure. Preview and Selectively Erase Private Files The program will scan your iDevice, then show both your previously deleted files and your existing personal files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You can preview them and select the items that you want to erase permanently! - Find & erase completely hidden previously deleted files - Preview and choose the precise files to make them gone forever Completely Erase Data, 100% Unrecoverable iMyfone Umate Pro provides you with the facility to scan your iOS Device, make sure that all the files and private information are completely removed and are not recoverable. - Keep your data private & unrecoverable 100% - Data erased by iMyfone can't be recovered by any recovery tool What's new: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  22. Languages: Multilingual | File size: 1.81 GB Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 is a professional program for non-linear video editing. The application provides high-quality editing of video resolution 4K and higher, with 32-bit color, both in RGB and YUV color space. Editing audio samples, support for VST audio plug-ins (plug-in) and audio tracks 5.1 surround. The Premiere Pro plug-in architecture allows you to import and export QuickTime or DirectShow container materials, and also supports a huge number of video and audio formats from MacOS The main advantages of Adobe Premiere CC 2019: - Working with multiple projects simultaneously - General projects with the lock function - Adaptive design - Time - Adaptive design - Position - Animated graphics templates available in Adobe Stock - Realistic editing of VR - Realistic sound processing for 360 / VR - immersive - Transitions immersive - Subtitles and graphics for video with immersive - Rotation VR sphere - Improved process of "Basic Graphic Elements" - Support for new formats - Regional subtitle standards - Support Updates "group projects as Adobe" - Improved conditions beginning work for beginners - Optimized support for built-in camera in the shooting settings Lumetri - working with templates After Effects motion graphics without installing the After -Effects application - And much more . WHATS NEW: Mobile editing with all-new Premiere Rush Extend your video editing platform with Premiere Rush, our all-new, all-device app. Shoot, edit, and publish videos from any device - mobile to desktop. You can also send your work straight into Premiere Pro if you want to do more. Intelligent audio cleanup Instantly dial down or remove background noise or reverb with new DeNoise and DeReverb sliders in the Essential Sound panel. Selective color grading Take the guesswork out of curve adjustments with innovative new Lumetri Color tools for selective color grading. Each curve has two axes with paired values, making it easy to fine-tune colors accurately. Data-driven infographics Motion Graphics templates Drag and drop spreadsheets into new infographic Motion Graphics templates to generate animated visualizations. Any updates to your spreadsheets are automatically updated on your infographics. End-to-end VR 180 Jump into immersive video support for 180 VR, including optimized ingest and effects. Publish finished videos in the Google VR 180 format on YouTube or other platforms. Spatial markers for immersive media Instead of removing your headset when reviewing media in the Adobe Immersive Environment, now you can place a spatial marker for reference when you return to the desktop timeline. Adobe Stock enhancements Search and sort cinematic footage and professionally-designed Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock right in the Essential Graphics panel. Group invites for Team Projects Invite groups and team members from your enterprise address book - without typing in addresses - for more efficient communications. Display color management Get accurate color representations and maintain color fidelity across your workflow, from After Effects to Premiere Pro and on rec709, rec2020, and P3 displays. Performance improvements Hardware-based encoding and decoding for H264 and HEVC improves performance on MacBook Pro workstations. And improved image processing delivers more responsive playback, rendering, and Lumetri Color performance. Expanded format support New native format support includes ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice v2, and the HEIF (HEIC) capture format used by iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Creative Cloud Library improvements Drag and drop assets such as Illustrator or Photoshop files into your CC Libraries panel to quickly access your Premiere sequences. Share your Libraries with team members or export and store them with your project. Australian closed-captioning standard Support for the Australian OP4T2 closed-captioning standard is now available. Language support for keyboard shortcuts Localized languages are now supported in the keyboard shortcut layout menu. Theater Mode in Adobe Immersive Environment Access a virtual screening room for collaborating with directors or producers on 2D or immersive content -or a combo of both. Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  23. Languages: Multilingual | File size: 46 MB Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro version is the best entertainment choice for the original Blu-ray Menu, Blu-ray Disc, ISO files, and BDMV folder. The Pro version enhances 4K video viewing experience and original audio quality, and improves player performance with better hardware acceleration. It can be fully compatible with the latest Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra. Full Featured Blu-ray Menu Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro version greatly enhances the operability on Blu-ray menu where you can choose scenes, set up subtitles, audio tracks, and even watch special features by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Optimized 4K Video Playback Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro version will bring you high-definition of clear and natural visual experiences without stutters or lags. Viewers can see every detail of picture with bright colors and sharp subtitles when playing 4K videos. Smoother Blu-ray Experience The unique hardware acceleration tech - BluFast MX can reduce the workload of hardware during Blu-ray playback. Once you enable hardware acceleration, it can save 20% - 50% of the CPU, reduce RAM, extend your Mac battery life and let you run multiple tasks while playing Blu-ray movies. Perfect Original Audio Support Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro directly outputs with high-definition quality to make the perfect original sound experience. It supports DTS 5.1, Dolby TrueHD Audio DTS-HD Master Audio and Pass Through without any quality loss to take you experience HD audio-visual feast. Perfectly Match Touch Bar Features The Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro is available when using the Mac Blu-ray Player Pro. Users can operate the Touch Bar to play, stop, fast-forward or rewind the movie . RELEASE NOTES: - Performance improvements with static-linked libVLC. Minimum Requirements: - Mac OS X 10.8- 10.13 High Sierra - Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended - 512 MB RAM or higher recommended - 250 MB of free disk space - An internal or external Blu-ray drive - USB 2.0 above or FireWire 400 above HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  24. BaDshaH

    Pixelmator Pro 1.3.0 macOS

    Languages: Multilingual | File size: 172 MB Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text, and edit images in just about any way you can imagine. And thanks to its intuitive and accessible design, Pixelmator Pro is delightfully easy to use - whether you're just starting out with image editing or you're a seasoned pro. New Interface • The modern, single-window interface is designed exclusively for working with images on a Mac • An intuitive and accessible design makes it easy for anyone to edit images - from complete beginners to design professionals Compatibility • Open and edit images in all the most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, JPG-2000 • Open and edit Photoshop images with layers • Import HEIF images • Launch Pixelmator Pro directly from the Photos app and save edits back to the original image in your library • Share your images to the Photos app, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other locations right from Pixelmator Pro Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit whats new HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator
  25. File Size: 15.5 MB Advanced System Repair Pro brings you all the tools you need in one program to clean, fix, protect, optimize and boost your PC! Fix your PC problems Our multi-scan feature will give you easy to read and simple results. Our software will intelligently scan and anallyze your computer in minutes and give you complete thorough organized, detailed results. Speed up, tune up and protect your PC Start with a free scan from Advanced System Repair. You'll immediately find out the root problems affecting your machine's performance. 1-Click Maintenance All the tools to made simple and easy! It's like having a professional technician at the click of a mouse. Put Draining Apps to Sleep Disable background apps that are draining your system. Malware Removal Finds and removes all types of harmful malware including trojans, worms, bots, adware, spyware, PUPs and more! System Tweak/Optimizer ASR will analyze your complete system and settings to adjust your PC to function at its maximum performance. Junk Cleaner Keeping your computer free from unnecessary clutter also helps make your computer last longer. Like any other machine, if you keep it clean and take care of it, it will serve you better longer! Disk Defrag With a simple 1-click, Advanced System Repair speeds up your PC by assembling fragmented files on your machine and organizing them more efficiently. Privacy Cleaner The all-in-one privacy suite to Clean Your Tracks & Protect Your Privacy! Make your computer safe, secure and more efficient! Registry Cleaner Over time your registry can become cluttered with errors and broken settings which lead to crashes. Advanced System Repair will clear out this clutter to make your PC more stable. Whats New: Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE Download From UploadGig Download From Rapidgator

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