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  1. Hello guys So i read all in this topic but i couldnt find priorites that fits me This is the reason I have account that is about 65 lvl and all my attributes are on 5 ( i am not planing to raise them ) . I am testing something So i have problem in story , i am getting to 0 hp rly rly fast , i tried to copy some of your Priorites that you guys put that keep your hp safe , but that doesnt work for me because of that low attributes and not inafe high lvl for now for strong equip , batlles in story mode ( that are like medium grotto ) take lot of my health down. I also try to put my priorites but that also didint work Please if someone maybe have some idea what priorites to use so i can manage at least 100 stories without losing my full hp Thanks
  2. Ty Simon for large reply you are absolutely right about stuff u put in your reply but there are some problems . This is my opinion , that doesnt mean that that is correct one . I played a lot on low lvl accounts cause i like to robber more then chasing the booty and this is my experience I tried - dmg and - hit chance , but somehow on low lvls if u dont raise lot your attributes u will probably lost batlles Lets say i have all equip on - hit chance and - ( or + dmg because there is not so much equip with that stats on low lvls ) you will probably lost from someone who have bigger attributes then you. I dont like to build my Attributes cause then my battle value is rasing and then i am losing enemies . Maybe logic is that on low lvls if you cant hit in batles u will not win I will try somehow raise up lvls to get equip with everything on - hit chance and then maybe i will be smarter
  3. Hello 2 all I like to play on small lvl accounts and try to win and loot more gold as i can What you guys think is best aspects combo on that type of playing and also what talents are best to use on that low lvls Should i go health aspects and get +2 or +3 batlles before my health go down Or should i get full Combo aspects and be stronger for single fight Also talents , What do you guys think is better on low lvl for hunting gold only , + or - Basic dmg or + or - hit chance Cheers !!

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