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  1. Yes i understand that, but thats the problem, i got some nice stats but they don't really help because at level 200 i have to fight people at level 250-300, so they have more attacks and better talents and items so i found myself in a really bad spot. So my question was is it better to just level up to 300 without putting points into stats so at that level i will have around 3100-3200 battle value or i should continue spending my gold into stats to be stronger, because i have done it once and it didn't work so well. Also can you recommend me which is better at level 300 going full damage or -chance ? Thank you
  2. I have another question, so i'm lvl 220 now with around 2600 battle value and i'm losing most of the battles because most of my opponents are higher level and have more attacks and better talents, so i'm wondering what should i do, should i just level up to like 300 without putting points into stats or its better to get stats, and if i put points which stats should i prioritize, for now i'm playing on -chance but i think i will try to get some damage gear at level 230 to see which works better, but still i lose most of the battles because of level difference.
  3. fcsv


    I just uninstalled Google Chrome completely, and then reinstalled it again and the cookies were there. The only thing i'm wondering is why did they dissapear, also when i tried with other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla i couldn't see the cookies again. For me it works only for Chrome now.
  4. fcsv


    I found a way to fix it, you can close.
  5. fcsv


    Hi there, i reinstalled Google Chrome and now my ChromeCookieViewer is empty, i searched in internet for a solution but i couldn't find anything.. Are there other ways to find the SID number?
  6. I had a problem with google Chrome and reinstalled it and after that my CookieViewer doesn't show anything. Any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks :)
  7. Can you recommend talents and non hellstone equipment for pvp level 300? Also at this level is it better to go -hit or +dmg
  8. Even if you throw a coin there's a little chance of getting an item. Try to put 30 in your Priorities.
  9. fcsv


    Shiny Orb of Song Weapon Level: 132 Duration of effect: 3 days Orb aura Orb song Item reinforcement 4% Basic damage (on opponent): -3 Bonus damage (on opponent): -10 Endurance: +37 Strength: +14 Defence: +14 Dexterity: +14 Endurance: +14 Charisma: +14
  10. Can someone give me priorities for lvl3 Destruction and lvl2 Chaos?

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