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  1. Hello community, this is my first post and sure it will not be something very significant, but I promise to improve with time. I hope it will be helpful for those who do not know it yet and thank you very much to all for receiving me. Greetings to all Follow the next steps: 1.- High performance energy plan: Makes the equipment enter a place where it consumes more energy and resources but its loading time is less than the usual time. * Go to notifications * Press in all settings, Go to start / stop and suspend * On your right, click Advanced Additional Settings, then Show Additional Plans and select High Performance. 2.-Disable unnecessary startup programs: Right click on the taskbar. Click on task manager, We go to the home tab and deactivate programs that slow down the loading of Windows 10 when turning on the computer. 3.- Use all the resources of our computer: * We look for the command Execute, We write msconfig, We go to the boot tab, click on advanced options, check the boxes number of processor and maximum amount of ram. We make sure that windows is using the maximum number of processor cores to turn on the computer. 4.- Increase and optimize virtual memory (Swap) * We go to team, then click on system properties, On our left click on advanced system configuration, In performance, click on configuration, advanced options and in virtual memory, click Change, Deactivate the box Automatically manage and mark Custom Size. * In size start we must multiply our RAM by 1.5 times the amount we have and in maximum size by 3 times the amount of RAM we have, Example: 4 gb ram x 1.5 = 6 gb initial size 4 gb ram x 3 = 12 gb maximum size 5.- Update Drivers: Many times your drivers 'versions contain bugs that cause bad or slow operation, it is essential to keep your drivers updated to rule out the slowness due to the drivers' malfunctioning.

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