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After working around the clock to optimize our database instances that were causing severe performance degradation and downtime, we finally got it to run smooth and stable.
Since changes done are major, it is of utmost importance to report here, any errors you might notice. Take screenshot if possible. 

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  1. Look,both folders at the top have bitefigghtbot.exe in them.
  2. Well trinity 2 is a premium item.
  3. Why are like 3-4 folders with bot.exe?why are there so many files?
  4. Can you get premium items from fountain?
  5. I play on Romanian server and i don't have any problem.
  6. The one I posted actually level aspects fine,i leveled my destruction to 5000 and nature to 2500, now I'm trying to build a priority list to maintain these numbers and gain as much gold as possible. 35,25,37,7,29,38,12,27,33,32,43,22,23,30,31,26,4,2,9,3,24,6,53,1,8,5,20,21,42,40,41,47,49,39,28,52,34,55,11,10,46,45,44,36 Thats what i modified so far my stats are good,5045 nature,2518 destruction,also leveled nature 5000 and destruction 2500 on other account.
  7. Well this bot is mainly a story bot, you can choose what aspect to level, and the bot will tell you how much steps remains till the aspects are done, but also has an option for specific priorities, its the only bot I found free, didn't even think a site forum for bitefight bots exist, found this forum when i searched on bitefight update on google and some spy tool appeared on search list. Video mad by the bot owner:
  8. The medenko bot i posted has boxes where you can choose what aspect to level and how much.
  9. Persuader

    Medenko bot.

    Hi guys ,i'm new to this site,i saw there is no topic for this bot,does anyone use this bot?is it safe?how can i check it for viruses or hacktools? https://github.com/medenko/Bitefight-Bot-Demo

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