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  1. >Hacking is not "changing something on a website". I'm not trying to change something on a web site, I'm trying to change a executable on my computer. >It is the same as for example trying to change the interface in Microsoft Word, you can't modify an executable. Sure you can, I hex edit apps all the time. The extra menu item was added by the patcher. If it was added it can be removed (if someone knows the correct bytes to edit)
  2. I understand that it is "normal" behavior for the patched app. What I am looking for is a hack to remove it.
  3. I'm saying they add this to the menu of the patched app, not my browser.
  4. After using a most of the TNT patchers they add a "K'ed by TNT Team" menu item to the Help menu. Any way to remove this from the patched apps? Picture of menu

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