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  1. this is an amazing game, thanks!!
  2. in the servers of Mexico the definitive ban by multi account only applies in the fast servers, in any other server they only connect the accounts, but you can open them with a dns or proxy server
  3. @Thebestsimon Use the trick of the 3 clicks, checking the number of the story in which you are going and the amount of gold you earn. It will not always give double gold but there is a bug of the game and at some point, it will give you double gold. Just try it and this is another trick, you can create many accounts with emails such as [email protected] and once created, activate them all with a single email, and create farms to get stamp on a clan or any goal you want to give them
  4. but there is a real trick, if you manually do the stories, click three times on grotto decisions and sometimes it gives to you double gold
  5. wow im going to try this thanks xzero
  6. i make orbs with 29 frraments and it just have basic damage and bonus how did you make that?
  7. when you do, take into consideration that once the bot stops working you must eliminate the cache and data of the application with which you cloned the bot, and then clone it again
  8. for me too, but a couple of months ago it stopped being free. The only way I can use it is by cloning the application every 3 days
  9. Hello guys, someday will crack for android?. Dont forget us
  10. Hi guys, I would like to make a recommendation. It took me 3 days to be able to use the bot, the reason is that there are a lot of unnecessary files in the download pack and I did not know which one execute among all of them. maybe you can specify the way to install the bot and organize the files that we download, that would help to have a better reputation. You are doing a great job and I thank you for your kindness

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