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  1. donOska

    The new theme

    nice job dude!
  2. thebestsimon help me with that! and now works perfectly! he da real one!
  3. im trying to do everything to make it work.. and now i would like to download this file: How to get it for free? 1. Register on this(elite7hackers) forum. 2. Download BiteFight Bot + Patch here: LINK 3. Apply patch 4. Now you need to activate your license, follow instructions: but when i click on the link it says: Memcache \OC\Memcache\Memcached not available for local cache Is the matching PHP module installed and enabled? any tips?
  4. thanks for the help Thorin, but it still dont works for me. when i want to renew it it says: " Cannot renew: License not expired yet." i have no idea..
  5. hi there, guys, somebody can help 4 me? i have a problem. the bot was excellent 4 me but today the license saying "expired" "Your license expired. Go on website(http://bitefight-bot.com/) and buy a new one..." if sbody knows some tips pls write thank you
  6. it was worked for me for 3 days.. but now its saying your license expired... whats the reason? i dont understand it coz' the bfb licensing system saying its activeted and has not expired yet.. can you help for me pls?
  7. i hope that you still using the forum

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