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  1. ECCO

    Bot delay

    I am using 0 as Delay & my internet connection 30 mb it's take 3 minutes every 40 action I thinks it's good for me if less than 2 minutes that's too risky watch the bot and change delay number till you got the best one for you
  2. ECCO

    Amr Diab

  3. I prefer damage
  4. not 1 minute per situation 1 minute per 40 situations ( 40 situations = 3 action points ) regular that mean 2 or 3 minutes per 40 situations
  5. Hi Thebestsimon Is there any way to make it take more than 1 minute coz the operators now search for how end three points in 1 minute and more than one hour
  6. thx xZero for ur helping it's working fine and better thx again
  7. after that give me this This version is cracked by xZero - SSHG Services Inc.* Initialising..* Unknown error encountered. Try again.
  8. This version is cracked by xZero - SSHG Services Inc. * Initialising.. * Unknown error encountered. Try again.

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